Augustus, who died 2000 years ago, was the first emperor of Rome. He brought peace after the turmoil in the republic after the assassination of Julius Caesar when he defeated the forces of Antony and Cleopatra…

A fitting and appropriate end

May the tombs of all emperors, kings and presidents one day be toilets

The Israelis cannot be an ally to Our Revolution


Syrian women and men have broken the barrier of silence in their revolution against the repressive Assad regime, taking to the streets en masse to demand freedom. The regime faced their revolution with unprecedented brutality, murdering nearly 200,000 people, forcibly disappearing tens of thousands and displacing millions. Yet, the Syrian people clung to their demands for freedom, justice and dignity as the core demands of the revolution.
Since the very beginning, the regime has sought to squelch the liberatory goals of the revolution by portraying itself as a bulwark of resistance against occupation and by promoting religious extremism and planting its seeds among those opposing its criminal and despotic reign, and it was quite easy to find figures resembling the regime in the ranks of the opposition. The rise of fundamentalist movements represented the first success of the regime to smear the revolution and its goals. Three and a half years into the ongoing massacre perpetrated by the Assad regime against the Syrian people, we are recognizing another form of deviation from the goals of the revolution. It manifests itself in the attempts of some Syrian dissidents at striking alliances with Israeli occupation under the pretext of defying Assad’s slaughter and replacing a murderous regime by the collaboration with a murderous occupier.
Cloaked by the guise of toppling the Assad dictatorship, the project propagated by Kamal Labwani and his allies is a profound departure from the goals of the revolution and a cheap violation of the rights of the Palestinian and Syrian people fighting to put an end to oppression and occupation. Such a project only serves to sugarcoat the Israeli occupation that regularly murders Palestinian children in Gaza and throughout Palestine, precisely like the child-murdering Syrian regime.
We believe that freedom, dignity and justice cannot be achieved through allying with Israel which continues to occupy the Golan Heights for 47 years, after expelling most of its indigenous population and demolishing its homes and villages. This is also the very state that has occupied Palestine for 66 years in an ongoing massacre of killing, displacement and home demolitions.
We also reject any attempt to justify collaboration with Israel by claiming the battle against Assad trumps all. After all, “the battle against Israel trumps all” was the very slogan employed by the Assad regime for decades to oppress the Syrian people and dissuade them from calling for their rights.
And as we reject Assad’s rule in Syria in all its bloodshed and deprivation of the basic principles for dignified life, we also reject the similar terrorist actions committed by fundamentalist movements. But we will not accept Israeli occupation, which laid the first foundations for terrorism in the Eastern Mediterranean, as an alternative.
Freedom, dignity and justice cannot be divided nor can we strive for them in Syria while denying them in Palestine.
Revolution is not replacing one criminal with another nor is it the replacement of tyranny with occupation. We Own Our Future revolution is an unrelenting commitment to freedom, dignity and justice.

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It would seem that he is presenting himself to the Americans and the Israelis for their consideration as the head of a puppet Government.


Can’t stop, won’t stop: Protesters in Ferguson rally again, seeking justice for Mike Brown. More than a month and a half after his death, his killer, Darren Wilson, is still a free man. (Pt 1) (Pt 2) 

Because it wouldn’t be a protest in Ferguson without fuckery from the police. A driver plowed his car through protesters, grazing several and running over a young boys foot. Beyond taking several hours to transport the boy to the hospital, they took even longer to arrest the motorist. Who did they not wait long to arrest? Two of the protesters who had been documenting the altercation for the world to see. If you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention. #staywoke #farfromover #nojusticenopeace 


An AMAZING display of solidarity from Atlanta, New York, DC, Philly, London and back to Nigeria. Men, women and children showed up in their Gele’s (headwraps) for rallies and protests today in an effort to push for more coverage and aid in finding the abducted Nigerian girls. #BringBackOurGirls

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Never Forget Them

Images from a candlelight vigil for Mike Brown in Boston, MA on August 22, 2014