I had a guy (a work colleague) call me at 4am, on two consecutive nights. When I asked him to delete my phone number, he said, “sorry it’s just I like you”. A few days later, he proceeded to call me rude for ignoring his apology. When I replied that I wasn’t asking for an apology and wanted him to leave me alone, he called me a “mean person” and said I should be grateful that he wanted to talk to me since other people told him I “wasn’t a decent person”. The guy’s a creep!

(submitted by solemntree)

I am not ‘proud’ to be British
Because it is not something I have achieved

By some force
Of chemistry and biology
And powers beyond my reach
I, whatever it is
That constitutes ‘I’
(is it my body? My mind?
Some other energy?)
Was born here

A screaming babe in a hospital
One child
born that day of that year
In that hospital

Built in a town
In a county
Of a land that my parents
And their parents
And theirs, theirs, theirs
Happened - by a mere tilt
Of the compass of fate or design
To be born into.

I earn a wage and pay my tax
But I have not achieved a thing
to declare myself proud

I am not proud -
I simply am.
Britain is in my bones but it is not me.

And to those who would call themselves
My fellows
My countrymen
Spitting hate in the name
Of an institution
Built on a rock
Built on the broken backbones of others
Green grass watered
By their blood and tears

You are my fellow nothing
And I have never wanted for your honour

For your defense
Of the soil I walk upon
And the blood you spill in its name.