Solebox Berlin x New Balance 1500 
- Nazar Eye 

This shoe is not only among mine but among many a top NB list, and for well stated reasons. Firstly, you will have a hard time finding an NB1500 with such a high quality of materials, Secondly, your going to have a real hard timing finding any shoes matching the shape on these, and thirdly, how could you make these any more perfect? 
The turquoise detailing is just perfect and if you are lucky enough to have your actual Nazar Eye to go along with it (I am fortunate enough) then you have a perfect weapon for any sneaker frenzy! 

To be honest i don’t really know what to say about these, just that it is one of those shoes i will never be able to let go!

One of New Balance’s finest by far! 

Solebox x Saucony Shadow 5000 - “Grey Devil”

The next in the Solebox x Saucony collaborations is the Shadow 5000 in the colourway “Grey Devil”. The classic runner has has a makeover which expresses the Berlin retailer’s well with the black leather upper, off-white suede forefoot and perforated toeboox, hints of purple on the lining and black tonal laces with the white midsole and gum outsole to nicely round it all off. 

Release date down for this August, keep an eye out!