soldiersoldierletmein asked:

The doctor said that if they took you out, I would die, because I couldn’t live without such a good friend. Give this heart to everyone you don’t want to lose in 2013 including me if you care. Try to collect twelve, it is not easy. Be honest and send this to anyone who made you smile this year. ♥

I was hoping you’d post this. 

You have this really bad habit of posting things that bother other people. I remember a few months ago I asked via fanmail if you were a guy or a girl and yes, I added a few “haha"s to defuse the tension of the question. You then posted it and accused me of thinking only a man can be with a woman. The fuck were you even talking about? I’m not sure why you took it so harshly and it is not my problem. Honestly, I still don’t know what your "gender” (I can’t remember how you told me I was supposed to ask. You failed in “educating” me it appears) is, and I still don’t care. I asked because we got along, shoot me for being curious about the person I was talking to. 

Here is the “fight” if anyone wants to see. I’m honestly not embarrassed in the least. You are a very childish person. 

I love my url, I miss it without the 2 but this is as good as it gets, so idgaf. Tag away, or not, delete the things, or not. I’m not changing this url :] 

….anyway, I need to stop staling. My math test it tomorrow.