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United States Army Cpl. Jordan Lantz, a Garrett, Ind. native assigned to Weapons Squad, 2nd Platoon, Team Eagle, Task Force 2-7 Infantry, fires his M4 carbine during a Squad competition that involved German, Lithuanian and Portuguese armies at the Great Lithuanian Hetman Jonusas Radvila Training Regiment, in Rukla, Lithuania, May 27, 2015.  (U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. James Avery, 16th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment)

SAN DIEGO:  2015 -Civil War  Soldier To Be Buried With Full Military Honors- Miramar National Cemetery

The Civil War-era soldier who received the Medal of Honor will be buried with full military honors after his ashes were discovered in an unmarked, communal crypt.

Sgt. Charles Schroeter will be buried at Miramar National Center in July, nearly a century after he died, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports ( ).

The military is happy to correct the mistake, National Training Center spokesman Kenneth Drylie said.

“Even though he’s gone, he’s still a soldier,” Drylie said. “You never leave a fallen comrade.”

No one knows why Schroeter had no one willing to claim his ashes.

A group of San Diego veterans, including retired Navy Capt. Bill Heard, spent months researching Schroeter’s story. “I couldn’t let this man go unrecognized,” Heard said.

Schroeter was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States just before the start of the Civil War. He enlisted in Missouri in 1863. After the Civil War ended, he enlisted again and headed west to Arizona to fight in the Indian Wars and protect American settlers.

He was later credited with gallantry in action against Apaches in a fierce firefight in Arizona. After the deadly battle, 32 cavalrymen were nominated for the top combat medal.

Schroeter will be the first Medal of Honor recipient buried at San Diego’s newest national cemetery.

Photo Columbarium with flowers at sunset at Miramar National Cemetery. — Eduardo Contreras / UT San Diego/tweets 

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helmet party for the Domesticity Meme!!

who cooks normally?: Engie. While he’s the type of dude who just BBQ’s everything, he at least knows how to cook, whereas Soldier as a very “armyish” way of cooking (aka slop)

how often do they fight?: Very little, if at all. Engie tends to nag Soldier about certain things (like not letting raccoons sleep on the bed, or anywhere in the house), but other than that they don’t really fight. 

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Engie gets lonely, but not enough to feel really sad or depressed. He has enough work to keep him occupied. Soldier gets super dramatic and will cry while eating ice-cream

nicknames for each other?: Soldier, it’s his usual nicknames like cupcake. Engie has those really cute/silly southern nicknames like darlin’ and pudding.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Engie. It’s not that Solider is cheap, he just isn’t very good with money period, so Engie would rather foot the bill. 

who steals the covers at night?: Engie does, sort of. Soldier tends to sprawl out in bed, so he doesn’t usually have covers, so Engie can have them. 

what would they get each other for gifts?: Engie enjoys cooking for Solly as presents. Soldier gives Engie randoms pieces of scrap metal he finds lying around. Engie could always use spare parts. 

who remembers things?: Engie. Soldier is the re-definition of scatterbrained

who cusses more?: Engie. He has a pretty long fuse, but when it goes off, it fucking goes off. 

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: They both would worry, and be completely over dramatic. 

who kissed who first?: Engie did. He decided to mess with Solly a bit by kissing him on the cheek. Then he did it again. And again. Then he decided not to kiss on the cheek. 

who made the first move?: Soldier did, and it was sort of……traditional. He showed up to Engie’s room one day holding a flower, but like he ripped it from the ground, so it still had roots and dirt stuck to it. 

who started the relationship?: They both did? They went on a first date, and then another, and next thing you know you’re in a relationship.