Thermaltronics is a manufacturer of Curie Heat Technology soldering irons. This state of the art technology based on the Currie-Weiss law allows precision control and high performance when handling a wide arrange of soldering jobs.

C2E2 - Marvel Warzones!

And now that we got a Last Days and Battleworld panels, is time for Marvel to talk about their books under the Warzones banner of books!

The discussion started with Hail Hydra by the team that did Winter Solder: The Bitter March, James Robinson pretty much said in this reality Hydra won and that is bad news for the new Nomad (Ian Rogers) who is transported to this location. Talking about Hydra, a new book was announced: Hank Johnson, Agent of Hydra by David Mandel (executive producer of Curb Your Enthusiasm) and art by Michael Wash.

Next was Inferno by Dennis Hopeless, which he pretty much described it like Escape from New York but with demons. Also art from his other X-Men book, House of M (which was missing from July solicitations), was shown. Infinity Gauntlet was then mentioned, this book is meant to reinvent the Cosmic side of stuff for the new Marvel Universe.

Old Man Logan was next, not much was said about since this book will see much of Battleworld. Secret Wars 2099 was next, Nick Lowe mentioned that bringing Peter David was a no brainer and that we will see both old and new characters from that world. 

There was some small talk (nothing new) about A-Force, 1602: Angela Witch Hunter, and Where Monsters Dwell (Lowe mentioned that getting Garth Ennis was a challenge). Next was Planet Hulk, it was mentioned that Humphries puts the gladiator Steve Roger thru intense stuff in this book and that also we will see this domain once again in a story in one of the anthologies. 

Spider-Verse was next, it was revealed that the first issue is over-sized as it has a Spider-Ham backup story. Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows was next, Slott mentioned that this story will mess with Peter’s role as father, husband and hero…which will lead to him donning the black costume once more. Giant-Size Little Marvel: AVX was next, artwork was shown which featured Falcon and Archangel.

Weirdworld was next, Lowe mentioned that Jason Aaron jumped right away into the idea to bring the old sword and sandal characters from the 70′s and that Mike del Mundo pages are stunning. Next was Squadron Supreme, 1872 and Armor Wars….for Armor Wars, the mystery murder was said to be the cause of a character finding the reason why the illness that makes everyone armor started in the first place. Robinson mentioned that we will see every version of the Iron Man and War Machine armor as well as Stingray. 

Years of Future Past, Mrs Deadpool and The Howling Commandos, Guardians of Knowhere (a new villain that will remain in the new Marvel Universe will debut here) and Captain Marvel & The Carol Corps were mentioned. A new book was revealed: Howard the Human (the audience exploded in laughter).

He is a human detective in New Quack City, which is a domain filled with animal versions of Marvel characters such as a literal Black Cat. The book is written by Skottie Young and art by Jim Manhood (not so sure if this means the end of the Howard the Duck book).

DIY Rock Pendants Using a Soldering Iron Tutorial from Stars for Streetlights. There is a really good short video tutorial on how to go through the steps of soldering (not that many and not that hard). There are also links to the materials she has used and they are so much cheaper than I expected.

This morning the x wanted to meet for breakfast to talk. So I was ½ hour late for work plus I sat on my glasses & broke them. My new ones for tattooing.

I used 2 pairs of pliers to hold and bend the sides back into place. Then soldered the join in the frame here at work. Popped the lens back in; it chipped near the hinge but I don’t look through them there so it’s ok.

Apparently there was supposed to be a little screw in the join but the other side looks like a tiny little spot-solder. The flux drew the solder not only into the seam but also up & down into the screw hole so now by george they’re not gonna come apart. LoL

And just look how clean that join is.

People often ask me what is the best way to start doing electronic repairs or console mods.

I did a lot of youtube research on my vacations and found the channels of Luke Morse and Martin Retrogametech. They did tons of really interesting and inspiring in-depth videos on arcade and console mods/repairs, showcasing their well-described and very creative projects. I took most of my inspiration from them before I thought to pimp up my retro games collection and do some mods, improvements and experiments.

So first of all I had to refresh my basic school knowledge of physics, just to get a better understanding on how all these electronic juices flow. I think it’s very personal so I advice just to find some materials which are satisfying enough to read/watch, ’cause we’ll need to enjoy the process after all :) As for me, I enjoyed some oldschool soviet educational programs because I watched them in my early childhood, and I personally find almost any old materials better and clearer than the modern ones, at least on basic/fundamental topics.

Next you need to learn your basic tools, soldering iron to work with electronic circuits, and multimeter to measure them. Multimeters are quite easy to use, here is the best tutorial on them. Soldering is a tricky technique and requires you to do some practice and buy additional materials. Here are some videos on it, I carefully watched them, then made some notes to get the summary of all the details and aspects and after that did some practice on loose boards and components.

– Best overview: How and why to solder correctly
– Basic soldering lessons (almost every aspect in the great series by PACE)
– In action: soldering techniques, professional SMT soldering

Project “DeeBeeUs™-caster” is progressing nicely.  Today I finished the wiring, and partially installed the control plate, jack, and jack plate.  More details (about all the rookie mistakes I made so far!) to follow…  

I am tentatively calling it the “DeeBeeUs™ Custom Shop Custom Master-Built, Limited Edition (1 of 1) DeeBeeUs-Caster, Heavy-Closet-N/VOS-Relic-Classic”.   It just rolls off the tongue, don’t it?


Kit includes trigger torch, removable stand, 5-Inch wire cutter, 5-Inch needle nose pliers, soldering tip, hot aire tip, shrink attachment, polyfoam cutter, hot knife tip, roll 60/40 solder, and stand with sponge packed in a durable plastic storage caseGas adjustment wheel provides adjustable, long blue torch flame with temperatures up to 2500-Degree Fahrenheit/1300-Degree CelsiusRefillable plastic tank with capacity for two-hour run timeRefill with master ultratane butane for best performanceUse to heat parts, ignite materials, melt plastics, shrink tubing, solder and desolder, terminate specialty connectors and more
Product Description MT76 Torch Removeable stand 5 in.