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haha. that’s me and my new orange brollie from !

I’m sure many of you would know about the current bidding frenzy in Singapore!

Basically, you buy tokens to bid for your desired item and you can potentially get your item at a much discounted rate if you are skilled and lucky enough to win the bid! is by far the largest pay-to-bid auction site in Singapore,launched in July 2010, they have been in the scene more than a year. More than 33000 people have joined in the fun! 

Last week, me together with some other bloggers, were invited to drop by their office at Mohammed Sultan Road!

Walked into their office to meet the team behind and was surprised to be greeted by a young , chirpy and vibrant bunch!

Their cozy office! (filled w Macs and Macbooks :P)

The 2 girls who started telling us more about their bidding site!

They have quit their stable jobs to take a leap of faith to start this venture.

The team also shared with us some useful tips (read on to find out more!)

For those who may have doubts about their credibility, they are officially accredited by TrustSg ( Singapore accredited online businesses )

For one, they do not engage bots or insiders to bid. They are very strict that no employees and immediate family members of are allowed to participate

Also, all their products are brand new, directly from their suppliers (certainly not 2nd hand goods)

Corner with all the goodies that is on/will be on auction at .Ooh.. so many things that I want within that mountain of electronics!

Here’s a basic guide as to how works!

For first-timers, you are probably worried that you may be bullied by experienced

hard-core bidders, fret not!

They level the playing field by having a special category of items ONLY for beginners (who have not won any auctions before) - where only beginners are allowed to bid!

A great way to start your bidding experience,for you to get a hang of bidding without the “threat”of strong, skilled bidders.

With kelly :) had a really loooong walk with her to clark quay after hehe

(a rather poorly centralized picture, haha gimme some time to get used to my new cam!)

Cupcakes for us to munch on while we were there! I like the one w topped w the white flower best :)

Psst !

Get a head start by reading their “Tips and Strategies” section which offers both basic and advanced bidding strategies to help you with your very first successful auction!

Good luck and have fun at !! ;)