I’m crying! My uncle is the most amazing man ever. When I talked to him on father’s day he asked me if there was anything I needed since my birthday day coming up. I said nothing that I need, he asked what I would like then. I told him that I wanted a drum.

He’s a drummer and I thought he would appreciate sharing the experience of my first drum with me. He just sent me a photo and a text about it and then an email of him playing it. It is so beautiful, and he’s such an amazing person.
I miss him so much.

Thank you Scott. Thank you.
I look forward to meeting my colorful new friend.


went to the solstice last night…well, i’ve never been so soaked in my whole life. i was cold and miserable. The atmosphere was fucking insane. A bunch of shit scary druids were in the middle of the stones and it just creeped me the fuck out. Didn’t manage to stay until sunrise because we were so cold and wet. Definitely going to go next year, i’ll just be more prepared… i hope.