Mayan players - Jugadores mayas. Mayan ball game landscapes - Paisajes del juego de pelota maya.

Pok ta pok players from Chapab village - Jugadores de Pok ta pok del pueblo yucateco de Chapab.

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“You’re a part of this family whether you like it or not”

I am sorry for ruining the mood but can you just picture this

There is a new viewer who discovered Mark today and is watching his videos and his charity stuff and is genuinely interested in the guy and suddenly Mark poofs into the room, gives the person T-shirts, caps, pyjama pants, tiny box Tims and a little flag with the markiplier’s heroes logo, then while doing the >:) face he goes, “Enjoy your stay”, and poofs away

Aww but what about APH Russia and APH America cuddling and watching Eurivison grand final together and even if America’s confused as hell he still watches cause he knows that his precious cinamon roll loves it. But then when Russia finds out that their song didn’t win he feels really really sad about it, so America tries to cheer him up by making him hot choclety milk and wrapping him up in the softest blanket ever and just imagine a really big Russian man covered in the fluffiest blankets and sipping hot choclety milk bc of his adorkable little sunshine boyfriend


Not first, not last, and certainly not where where i used to be. I was around 2:30 off my PR today, however I was also 1:30 faster than two weeks ago having run a total of 5 miles since then. At this point, “racing” is about cleaning the rust from my legs and strengthening my lungs in order to get back to my previous fitness level. But God does it feel good to run again. Cheers to progress, no matter how small.