Tokyo Geisha with an Uchiwa 1911 by Blue Ruin1 on Flickr.

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Uchiwa (round fans) were introduced to Japan from China many centuries ago. They are made by stretching paper or silk, often decorated with calligraphy or ukiyo-e (floating world) scenes, over a radiating bamboo skeleton. Uchiwa is a kigo (seasonal word) for summer in Japanese poetry.

Sokuhatsu Hairstyle 1909 (by Blue Ruin1)

A Tokyo Geisha wearing her hair in the Sokuhatsu (Western) style, with a Ran-kiku (spider chrysanthemum) kanzashi (hair ornament). Sokuhatsu is a generic term for a number of different Western hairstyles in Japan, based on the Gibson Girl look of the 1880s, where the hair is worn swept-back and piled into a chignon at the back of the head.


Today we’ve got the prologue for a new series based on the song by rerulili, Isshoku Sokuhatsu☆Zen Girl! It’s a spin-off of Noushou Sakuretsu Girl, so if you’re a fan you should give this title a shot! ☆彡


The story of the girl that follows the “Spinal Fluid” arc is revealed! Will she be able to reach enlightement? Stay tuned!


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Eight Named Geisha 1920s by Blue Ruin1 on Flickr.

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Eight Geisha with their hair dressed in the Sokuhatsu style. Each has been numbered and named on the reverse as follows:

(1) Miss Kaneko
(2) Miss Fusako
(3) Miss Tokuko
(4) Miss Chiyeko
(5) Miss Ritsuko
(6) Miss Kikuye
(7) Miss Kakuko
(8) Miss Katsuyu