France Will Now Pay for the Full Cost of Abortions

Sticking to his campaign promise, French President François Hollande and the French state will now pay for 100 percent (!) of the cost of abortions. Not only that, teenage girls between the ages of 15-18 will have the option for free and anonymous birth control.

Prior to April 1st, French women over 18 could receive only 80% of the cost of an abortion covered, an operation that can cost up to 450 euros. This medical change is part of the 2013 social security budget, and France also hopes to increase the sharing of free contraceptives in an effort to cut down the total number of abortions in general — as there were close to 12,000 abortions performed in France last year.


- by Zach Sokol


The Most Important Thing by Brian Sokol

New York-based photographer Brian Sokol captures insightful portraits of Sudanese, Syrian, and Malian refugees who have unfortunately been forced to flee from their homes, grabbing what they could with them, in a series for the UN Refugee Agency called The Most Important Thing. The collection of black and white images present an eye-opening look into the lives of these people who have few possessions to call their own.