sokimmyy asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you got my other Sehun scenario :) got off anon because why not ^___^ thanks man :D

Hi there! If you’re the anon who asked for a Sehun fluff and “how sehun would approach a girl”, then yes, I got your other scenario… It’ll be up tonight… I’ll post it in a while.. :D

sokimmyy asked:

Hi! I'll keep this short and simple because I'm not too good with these kinda things. Happy New Years! Happy 2014 to you :) I really enjoy reading your works. I've requested a few scenarios before and they were amazing. Thank you, and I look forward to your great works to come this year :)

Happy New Years and Happy 2014 to you too~~!! (Sorry I’m kinda late though) Ah, you’re too sweet dear!! :D I should be thanking you for taking your time to ready my scenarios~ Thank you dear~~!!