Warning parental advisory advised(:

failed/= the guy who works at jack in the box came out and went back inside and told the homegirl that works there that we’re dope! haha

can i twerk? haha

oh and one im just messing around it was super cold thats why my hands are in them pockets^_^

I hate being a middle child

You don’t get what you want

You don’t get favored in any way

Your looked down on as average of all the kids

They show you a different kind of love


Feeling down and need some comfort?

Need a guys point of view on something?

The need to question yourself about a situation, a choice?

Need my opinion?

Need some advice on relationships?

I’m here(: dont be afraid  (anon or not)


When you're in a relationship

you always say those I will never this and that and I promise this and that. But when it comes down to it in the end your always proven wrong by doing the exact opposite of what you said you weren’t going to do.

What’s stopping you from telling me that your talking to someone else? Act like I’m going to hate on them or something. I’m not that type of person to dis on someone I don’t know. If anything I’m suppose to stay a friend and continue to be there and be loyal and respect you for your decisions.

Regardless the situation

Your always going to hate on your ex’s new boyfriend/girlfriend just because they are with your ex.  We never take the time to be happy for them that they found someone new.  But that someone new makes you feel less important to them because they are better off with your ex then you were.

Your left a memory

A memory in which I will never forget. The times we shared with each other. The laughs the joy the sad and the good. The dances we shared. The holding hands.  The kiss of love. The love we made.  And most importantly the feelings and emotions that were all tied together.

A memory which will fade through time trapped in a box full of mystery.



you like how i was the boss! only dude! haha.. so embarrassing

spot me(:


You got the ones who you could bring to your parents in which they could click

You got the ones who you could tell anything and everything to

You got the ones who you could bring to family events and could eat up like nothing

You got the ones who you see every so often

You got the ones who just use you

You got the ones who hits you up and never falls through

You got the ones who listens to you and then talks shit right after to someone else

You got the ones who you love and the ones who you hate

But most importantly you got friends who were once there and who once cared.

Faulty faulty faulty...

There’s only a select few of your friends whom you could call your friends. Their probably your family.  Everyone goes through it. You become friends with someone and say this and that and then they go start rumors and stab you right in the back. I mean really? You can’t trust anyone now a days.