Rise is still not doing well guys. She’s in critical condition and her surgery was only stopped after 11 hours because she wasn’t strong enough to handle any more at the moment, basically (severe swelling of the brain and a drop in blood pressure). It’s speculated that she might not recover/if she does, she’ll be in a vegetative state. It’s also believed that Sojung has been so disfigured that she probably won’t return to the entertainment industry. Keep Rise and Sojung in your thoughts and prayers, guys. We need some good news. (I would like to take a quick moment to express thankfulness that Ashley and Zuny are doing well, and we should remember them - and the families of EunB, Rise, and Sojung - at this trying time as well).

[UPDATE] It appears that RiSe was unable to conduct her final surgery & is currently in ICU. Click here for more information.

Following Ladies’ Code's devastating car accident leading to the death of EunB, it has been confirmed that RiSe has successfully concluded her 9 hour brain surgery. It has also been reported that Sojung has stabilised although more information has yet to be released.

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Ladies’ code ; Ashley, Sojung, Zuny, EunB and Rise, I miss you so much. 
The little things in life are the happiest. Please, always remember these beautiful angels. Keep Eunbi and Risae in your heart and pray for a great, bright future for Ashley, Sojung and Zuny. Always love them like before, always pray for all of them and smile whenever you listen to their songs, don’t be sad. They are with us. Always will be.

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It almost seems unreal that someone can be here one second, and gone the next. Prayers go to Eunb, her family and friends, and band members. May Rise and Sojung recover safely.Sincere condolences to the Ladies Code fandom; may we get through this together. A playlist dedicated to the one and only Go Eunbi.


1.) Not Crying - Ladies Code | 2.) Heaven - Aliee | 3.) Missing You - Teen Top | 4.) Last Gift - SHINee | 5.) There’s No Sun - History | 6.) Gone - JIN | 7.) Paper Scraps - Nine Muses | 8.) Be The Light - Block B | 9.) Into Your World (Angel) - EXOK | 10.) Close Your Eyes (Nana Solo) - Orange Caramel | 11.) 1004 (Angel) - BAP | 12.) Road - B1A4 | 13.) Melted - AKMU | 14.) Empty - Winner | 15.) Lend Me Your Shoulder - NU’EST ft. Kye Bum Joo | 16.) I’m Fine, Thank You - Ladies Code

BREAKING: Dispatch reveals 14 more exclusive heartbreaking notes on Ladies' Code's car accident

Koreaboo apologizes for a translation error in the past post we made. We have corrected this and will ensure we work to minimize any translation errors. 

Dispatch has released a 14 point post summarizing Ladies’ Code car accident and the developing story afterwards. The stories are collected from families, entertainment officials and those close to the artists.

Since yesterday, when Ladies’ Code was first reported to be in a major car accident and reports came in that EunB had passed, more and more developments have come in. 

Dispatch has compiled a list of the stories below:

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We are so thankful that everyone is praying for Ladies Code. Maybe they weren’t big girl grup but after this tragedy for sure they’ll be known. It’s horrible that someone’s death and others’ bad condition can cause their popularity (what they wanted achieve by a hard work). We can only hope that one day they will smile and remaining scars will make them stronger not weaker. It’s important to support LC in such hard time and pray for their quick recovery. I pray deep inside that girls will be able to continue fulfilling their dreams, because there is nothing sadder than people with shattered dreams. #prayforladiescode