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Sigur Rós - Varúð (by sigurros)

nautilusx said:



climbing out the back door, didn’t leave a mark,

and if your heart stops beating, 

it’s safe to say i’m lonely now,

swan dive down, eleven stories high,

bad news from the zones, tumbleweeds.

miss jackson, panic! at the disco ft. lola | dead, my chemical romance | remember me, the birthday massacre | c’est la mort, the civil wars | jet star and the kobra kid / traffic report, my chemical romance.

uncomfortable silence,

so here’s another day i’ll spend away from you,

well somebody told me that i would be a dreamer for life,

(but only for you, only for you)

it doesn’t hurt me.

stop when the red lights flash, green day | cross my heart (acoustic), marianas trench | lived a lie, youmeatsix | the calender, panic! at the disco | running up that hill, placebo.

where have all the bastards gone?

i told ‘em all where to stick it,

how do you get your sleep at night?

i’ve found the cure to growing older,

a revolution has begun today for me inside.

letterbomb, american idiot original broadway cast | grow up, paramore | ha ha, you’re dead, green day | i slept with someone in fall out boy and all i got is this stupid song written about me, fall out boy | r-evolve, 30 seconds to mars.

well, maybe i am a crook for stealing your heart away,

i said i’d never forget your face,

i know, i never make this easy,

been through the wringer a couple times,

is it worth it, can you even hear me?

love, love, love, of monsters and men | memories that fade like photographs, all time low | stutter, marianas trench | fast in my car, paramore | the taste of ink, the used.

(we could get somebody else, but we want someone like you),

staring at the carnage, praying that the sun would never rise,

there’s someone down below blowing you a kiss,

i will save you from yourself,

you’re a canary, i’m a coal mine.

gun, my chemical romance | M.I.A., avenged sevenfold | time to waste, alkaline trio | birth, 30 seconds to mars | i’ve got all the ringing in my ears and none on my fingers, fall out boy. 

if all our life is but a dream,

we want them young

a blue-black shade of love, sent from above,

this will never end, ‘cause i want more,

dreaming, i was only dreaming.

northern downpour, panic! at the disco | we want them young, emilie autumn | breathe, angels & airwaves | if i had a heart, fever ray | before the lobotomy, american idiot original broadway cast.

i can’t decide which one of us will leave here alive,

i gave up on you a long time ago,

this night, walk the dead,

mayday, situation overload,

there’s a madman lookin’ at you, and he wants to take your soul.

midnight, the birthday massacre | hell yes, alkaline trio | cemetery drive, my chemical romance | for baltimore, all time low | jump on my shoulders, AWOLNATION.