New Year’s Resolution Time! This is a CALL TO ARMS! We’re looking for some fresh meat-wrestlers, volunteers, and general badass people. Are you looking to get more involved in the community? work side-by-side with fantastic non-profits? network with other movers and shakers of Baton Rouge? showcase your talents? WE WANT YOU! As for the amazing wrestlers, are you 18+ and identify as a woman? LET’S WRESTLE!
Contact us via Facebook message or email us at wearebrawl@gmail.com and we’ll get you started on your path to local super hero status.

Credit to Chelsea Valentin Brown for the wonderful first image.

val3ntea said:

Hey there, I noticed you reblogged my comic on white saviours with, "full force side eye." It looks like you run a great blog here, so I was wondering if you had any criticisms for the piece? I'm very welcome to any suggestions. I'm sorry if I've been hurtful or misleading in any way.

Honestly. This comic was the best way to portray what happened in that episode and the IMPACT of it. I’ve tried to explain it to my friends offline and on why that image ofDaenerys having a bunch of brown people swarming her, calling her mother after liberating them didn’t sit well with me. The “side eye” comment was in regards to the episode itself rather than the piece of art. It was the historical significance that was overlooked, and you acknowledge that.  I applaud you for putting in a illustration, the words that I could not reach my friends with. Continue doing such a great job.