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Sohan Qadri

Qadri begins his process by bathing paper in acid-free water and once it is swollen with liquid, he rhythmically scores the surface and applies inks and dyes. He uses a thick intaglio paper, which he carves in stages to achieve a sculptural effect. The repetition of these careful incisions is an integral part of his meditation.


Sohan Qadri


From Wiki: “Sohan Qadri (born November 2, 1932, in Punjab, India - March 2, 2011, in Toronto, Canada) is a yogi, poet and a painter from India who has lived in Copenhagen for the past 30 years. His paintings result from states of deep meditation, and are informed by the colors of India: luminous, dye-infused works on meticulously serrated paper. Over his long career, Qadri has interacted with a wide array of cultural figures including Surrealist painter René Magritte, Nobel laureate Heinrich Böll, and architect Le Corbusier. Böll once said, “Sohan Qadri with his painting liberates the word meditation from its fashionable taste and brings it back to its proper origin.” He has had more than 70 exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.”

炒飯一個 ... So Hard!!!
  • 炒飯一個 ... So Hard!!!
  • メメクラゲローリングバンド

MEMEKURAGE ROLLING BAND - Sohan’iga … So Hard!!!
(from the “炒飯一個 … So Hard!!!” single, 198?, AMS/Young Plaza)

Another piece of the Young Plaza puzzle. Young Plaza was a televised talent show for up and coming bands, broadcast in the Kansai area of Japan and running from the late 70:s through the early 80:s. Each week a winning band was decided on and had their winning performance released on a 7” single (always coupled with an interview of the band) resulting in hundreds and hundreds of titles in the Young Plaza series being released, making for a collectors nightmare and/or wet dream.

Even though I’ve yet only heard a fraction of the immense Young Plaza catalogue, this certainly has to be one of the weirder entries. A four piece armed with three guitars trebled to the max, a bass and a rhythm box, the ridiculously named MEMEKURAGE ROLLING BAND (Memekurage = some sort of jellyfish?)blasts the surprisingly enthusiastic audience with some shrill and grating no wave fumblings for just over four minutes.

It’s sort of mind boggling how this noisy mess got voted to win a Young Plaza contest among the other (probably more traditional) bands MEMEKURAGE ROLLING BAND were pitted against. For all the inevitable duds (boring folk combos, tepid trad rock bands, sluggish ballad snoozers)in such a huge discography. gems like this, THE MARIAES, PLAZMA MUZIC, RAVE etc. makes it well worth seeking out records on the Young Plaza imprint.

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