revisiting the SOFX demo while i wait for ANTH2000 to start. this band hasn’t played a show in six months, which i think is wild. maybe we’re not a band anymore? who knows. i am proud of this stuff and this is still the most fun band i’ve ever been in. 

Big weekend coming up! DANGERS, Hostage Calm, World Is, Life in Your Way, Caravels times three!, more

November 4th
Life in Your Way, Hostage Calm, Manners, Forsaken, Endeavor
$16 - 7PM
Heirloom Arts (Danbury)

November 5th
Life in Your Way, Shai Hulud, The World Is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die, I am Alpha and Omega, Auburn
$16 - 6:30PM
Mooreland Hill School Gymnasium (Kensington)

Life in Your Way, even if you aren’t Christian, provide one of the most moving gig experiences you could imagine. Both of these shows have some ridiculous bands on them. Hostage Calm, Shai Hulud, The World Is…, Auburn, and Manners are all fantastic. Pick one, go to both, whatever. The 16 bucks is worth it.

Caravels is here from fucking Nevada. They are playing three CT gigs in a two day span. Holy shit.

November 5th
Caravels, Like Beasts, Martin Luther King
$donate for caravels
Brian’s House (Bethel)
Message Brian DiCrecenzo on facebook for the address. 7PM/BYOB/no bullshit 

November 6th
Dangers, Caravels, Chris Zizzamia (spoken word), 1 TBA
A special matinee, show up at NOON
The Mannor - 69 Cheshire Rd. - Wallingford 

November 6th
Sofx, Heavy Breath, Caravels, Convulsions, Weak Teeth, Disobey
$5/Vegan Potluck
The Handsome Woman (Willimantic) - show up at 6PM promptly for food and hangs
ask Derrick Shanholtzer/email for addy 

So much hard shit this weekend! Get yr face melted off.

ALSO: i’m starting a zine. Check it.


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SOFX | Natural Selection

Members of Book Slave and The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid to Die.

My review on the show.

The show was great. Met some cool people, saw some cool people I haven’t seen in a while and saw some cool bands.

Sofx was pretty sweet. Really noisy punk. Reminded me of Bleach-era Nirvana with a touch of The Melvins. I may not care much for either of those bands but the influence was there. I also heckled Derrick all throughout their set, requesting Nofx songs after every song.

And The World Is A Beautiful Place And I Am No Longer Afraid To Die were great as expected. They added a third guitarist, who also played trumpet in some songs. Speaking of which, they played 3 new songs which I can not wait to hear recorded. They were sooooo good. Who would have thought?