Kid Fury has the BEST Beyonce descriptions in LIFE.

Get the fuck IN.

Some of my favorites include:

  • Her Royal Caramel Dipped Pecan Dutchess of Earth
  • The Grand High Mother Honeybee Superb Giselle
  • The Magnificent Southern Red Bean Empress
  • The Resplendent Creole Sweet Peach Ruler Supreme
  • Mega Crawfish Bisque Diva Extraordinaire
  • Queen Honeybee Creole Chun-Li Thighs Almighty
  • Grand High Maple Brown Mother Superior
  • The Imperial Sweet Honeybee Diva of TX
  • The Ever Glorious Cajun Sultana Supreme
  • Her Royal Highness Queen Sweet Gravy Lavish of Fierce

I LOVE this video. You must watch it . 


I saw this video a long time ago on and it still brings me joy every time I watch it! 



Get your fucking LIFE. Immediately.


This woman’s name…

is Treemonisha.

& she is spreading Easter cheer.


Furious Thoughts 11.5…lol.

“Debra Lee looked like a D battery”


The nigga looks like an animated feature film.

I’m not sure if he’s giving me Land Before Time, I’m not sure if he’s giving me Shark Tale, I’m not sure if he’s giving Tom & Jerry Kids….but he looks drawn.

Watch on

Ch…………please, PLEASE come get your cousin.

Apparently, she’s fuckin somebody nigga…..unfortunately for him.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Come get your cousin and confiscate his camera.