My friend Sofia’s(Sofuachan on tumblr) super cool character Reachel. Doing an art trade with her and while at her place I decided I would train at least once before I drew the real trade. First time I drew in sonic-style-ish. Feels a little odd. Sonic stuff is really nostalgic to me. I really enjoyed drawing this guy so I’m looking forward to the real trade!

I really have to get a better scanner.

I will tell you all a funny story about my Childhood game Yoshi’s Story. It was like 3-4 years ago when I were at my dads house and played some Nintendo 64. I though that I would play Yoshi’s Story just for good old times~

So I search for it in my room, my little sisters room and in the living room, BUT I couldn’t find it anywhere. So I asked my dad about it and he said that he haven’t seen it in a very long time. So my dad also began searching for it. He said that we need to find it since it was my Childhood game and that the game have some good memories. But sadly we couldn’t find it…

THAN last week I got in to a Games and saw that they had some Nintendo 64 games for sale, and there it was! A Yoshi’s story. I wanted it so badly but I didn’t have the money to pay for it that day. Then the next day me and my Girlfriend got back to the Game store and I asked her nicely if she could buy it for me. She did it and when I got it in my hand I recognize some blue strokes on it. First I though it was nothing, but then I start thinking and I remembered that my old Yoshi’s story had the same blue strokes on it. I said to my Girlfriend that I was 99,99% sure this was my old game, but how it end up in Games I didn’t know. 

Than later that day I meet my oldest brother. He asked me what game I got and I show it to him. I told him about the blue strokes and he replied to me “Oh…umm I might have let one of my friends borrow it for some years ago and sort of forgot about it…So I think my friend sold it back to the game store.. hehe..”

So it was my old game that I lost a couple of years ago. D:

Oh Brother. -.-;


MADAM MEDUSA YESTERDAYPARADOX asked for this little chibi okay XD

I’m not in to the homestuck….a.k.a Hometard fandom <,<


There we go one more speedpaint LOL 8D