You know you’re old when the only reason you went downtown on a Saturday night was because it’s the only @sofiscrepes open past midnight- and you HAD to have an “Eggy Azalea.” Haha! ;)

Dreaming of warmer weather with a new creation. Sea salt shell, guacamole (avacado & tomato w/light salt and minced garlic), spiced sausage, melted cheddar cheese topped with sour cream and salsa. Can you say Mexico? Okkkkk?! Paired with an Orangina to add even more zest to this meal! #sofis #sofiscrepes #sofisbelvedere #warmerweather #nomnom #dreamingofmexico #newcreation (at Sofi’s Crepes Belvedere)

So in the midst of being creative with my crepe on Wednesday I discovered the Cinnabun Crepe. No joke, it tastes just like a cinnamon bun. And so I suggested it be made into a crepe and I get into work today and the theyve already made it a special. Im so honored to have my own special already! #feelinggreat #crepelove #sofiscrepes #sofisbelvedere #nomnom #cinnamonbun (at Sofi’s Crepes Belvedere)