These actually look somewhat similar to my own cabinets. The range hood is also similar. Although my cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, whereas these ones are below a soffit. I like the range hood, and the way the soffit has a decorative curved piece over the window. Soffits are a great place for some hidden lighting.

Another nice kitchen with soffits above the cabinets— and on the side giving the appearance of a glassless window to the other room. This is a common design for kitchens nowadays. It lets the kitchen be separate but still have some openness so it is not cut off from the rest of the house. Also note the microwave above the stove. 

I would love to be able to create something like this in Sims 3.

Kitchen Progress: Hidden Hood and Beadboard Band-Aids.

Kitchen Progress: Hidden Hood and Beadboard Band-Aids.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. We’ve kind of been trying to do this whole would-be weekend warrior thing with finishing up the kitchen and building that dry bar and painting our bathroom and kind-of-sort-of thinking about brightening up the laundry room, but then it’s like we blink, and we discover a BBC drama called Happy Valleyon Netflix, at which point the procrastination sets in and a couch…

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Bat and Squirrel (say it with a Boris & Natasha accent)

I am on a mission. A mission to rid our house, attic, walls, eaves, etc of bats and squirrels. It’s not bad enough that we have to kindly usher out the occasional bat (see: smacking them with a broom and throwing them out the front door) because we have crafty bats that LIKE their home and find a new way in when I slam an old door on them, then they shimmy down the balloon framing in this 1906 house and make an entrance through our pocket doors. We’ve had exterminators over before to assess the problem and all we got was “Well, we can lay paste traps, but you could do that yourself for free.” Uh, thanks! NOT addressing the actual problem - them getting in. So, I’ve climbed out windows, stuffed steel wool in holes, filled it up with Great Stuff - and that worked just fine for a while. But, they find a way back in their beloved home. WAIT!? MY beloved home.


No, it’s NOT BAD ENOUGH! We have squirrels now too. I could hear the little bastards scurrying about in the unfinished side of the attic when I was in my studio yesterday. I knew we had a hole in the soffit. We examined it, couldn’t figure out how to close the darn thing up. “When we have money….” Well, turns out you NEVER have money, it’s just a fact. So, here I am crying and beside myself, freaked out at all the possible BAD outcomes.


Bill from Animal Removal Services came by yesterday, set out these lovely live traps and we’re going to start addressing the issue from squirrel to bat. It is a process, you have to do things in order, or you’re just sealing up animals in your attic to die, rot and stink. I could NOT believe all the other holes he ended up pointing out to me as we walked around. I swear, the former owners just painted over a rotting soffit and made it look just fine and since we’re two stories down, we couldn’t see!


This is going to take alot of time and ALOT more money that we just don’t have right now. So, I’ve decreed that the ONLY animals allowed in this house are the four in this picture and any family dogs that come to visit. All you bats and squirrels are on notice.


Nice upper cabinets and a soffit in the middle. I wish Sims 3 had soffits. I also wish it had microwaves that suspend from the cabinets (as in the picture— although it is off to the right so it might be hard to see).


New Blue Ribbon Inn Fire

Hillside Fire Group #1 at the New Blue Ribbon Inn for the 2 alarm fire.

Fire was in the soffit threatening to spread into to cockloft of the building.  E-4 supplied the FDC to the sprinkler system and worked with E-2 to pull ceilings and stop the fire from spreading. Elizabeth, Roselle Park, and Clark were also operating on scene throughout he Mutual Aid System.

Due to the quick and efficient efforts of all Fire Departments, the New Blue Ribbon Inn will be able to reopen within a weeks time.