Weekly Update 17 - Omg, how much can happen in just one week? :O

Sunday, 17.05.2015:

Hello again!

A lot of great things happened in just one week!!! :O
I’m still a little bit speechless! :D
The first half of the week was really usual compared with the rest of the week!
On Monday I went to my language class again and on Tuesday I did some housework(like every week). But on Wednesday it began to change, I met an Australian au pair for lunch and in the evening I went with Ginny(I mentioned her before, she is one of my closest friends here and we got to know eachother at my first language course) to a concert of the (unfortunately still unknown) british band ‘The Sherlocks’(one of their songs, my favorite: and what shall I say? Of course you can’t compare them with professionell bands, but they did a great job and the evening was good! Also the weather was really nice and sunny on Wednesday, but England would not be England if it doesn’t change from one day (with sun) to the next (with rain).
So on Thursday it rained cats and dogs and I did something that I haven’t done for quiet a while. I went to a Shopping Center(which is close to my College) and bought some books, clothes and a few other things. I saved money in the last months, because I want to travel again a little bit more through England! But on Thursday I spent a little bit of my money. By the way what do you think about a vegeterian/ vegan diet? Please let me know. I’m really interested in this topic at the moment! :)
After my language class on Friday I went to our weekly au pair meeting and when I came back home I fell directly asleep, I just wanted to take a nap, but I didn’t wake up until 3 am! A few minutes later I fell asleep again, I guess this happened, because I couldn’t sleep properly on Thursday night!
Yesterday I met with Julia(yes, she has the same name as me and I also mentioned her before, she is the friend, who went with me to Portsmouth and New Forest (Lymington)) and we had a relaxed afternoon. I got to know her hostfamily, who is really nice! In the evening we went to the Savoy Theatre to see ‘Gypsy’ starring Imelda Staunton(Dolores Umbridge, Harry Potter) and it was wonderful!
Today I met with my old landlady(I stayed last November/ December for six weeks at her house) and we had a nice walk through the Hyde park/ Kensington Gardens. We visited the 'Serpentine Sackler Gallery’ and had a nice cup of tea/ Hot Chocolate(she had a Hot Chocolate and I had a tea) and an interesting chat.
The original plan was to meet afterwards with Julia at Leicester Square(where the premiere of George Clooneys new film 'Tomorrowland’ took place today, but Julia and I didn’t know about it) and to go to a free concert by the 'London Symphony Orchestra’, which took place this evening at Trafalgar Square.
At 5pm ish, when I arrived at Leicester Square I got a text message from Julia and she cancelled our meeting, because she fell sick, but I didn’t mind, because last weekend I had to cancel our meeting.
In the end I went on my own to the concert and it was great! :)
The concert was finished around 8pm, so I decided to walk from Trafalgar Square to Waterloo Station to take the train home. On the way to Waterloo I met Ben Brown(the British Youtuber: mrbenbrown) and his friend Matt. At first I wasn’t sure if I should talk to them, because I thought they would might feel annoyed, but then I said to myself 'Julia, you might have just this one change to speak with them, so use this chance or otherwise you will regret it later!’.
I guess I behaved a little bit strange(like a fangirl? :D), but both were really nice and we took also a photo! Thanks a lot again! :)

That’s it for this week, in my opinion it is quiet a lot for just one week! ;)

Have a great week and I will write to you soon,
all the best, x Julia

P.s.: Because I’ll be next week at a concert again I would like to share 'my spring/summer playlist 2015’ with you soon. ;)