Sometimes life just isn't fair.

If you’ve never heard of the food blog, SoDelushious, allow me to introduce you. In a twisted turn of events, and once again demonstrating that the universe is truly not a fair place, this is a food blog by Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (and John Legend fiancée to boot!), Chrissy Teigen, who, according to her own description on the site, is “a girl who loves bacon and can’t be fat.” Can those two things even co-exist? Judging by what this girl cooks and eats (bacon, duck fat and birthday cakes made of Krispy Kreme donuts), apparently they can.

While I was internet creeping, I found my way onto Teigen’s Instagram feed, which featured this pic below. I sent it to my partner in crime, as an example of life’s injustice. She immediately responded with this gem,“i’m never reading the blog again. out of spite. and love. and hate. and jealousy. and sadness.”

Amazing, hilarious and true, all at the same time. But don’t be jaded, take a peek through SoDelushious. Despite making you feel a great deal of rage at your stagnant metabolism, it may just make you giggle too. And maybe, just maybe, it’ll somehow convince you that bacon and blue cheese are the secrets to looking like a supermodel.


[photo of Teigen via web.stagram]

Because it is vacation I made @jonikat a breakfast I knew would make her morning. Behold - a sausage egg mcmuffin at home a la @johnlegend + @chrissyteigen from her #sodelushious blog. I consider it health food since there is actually a McDonalds across the street. #jimmydean #kraftsingles #malibooty #malibu