Fanta Fruit Punch

The fairly hideous can depicts what are presumably the flavours that make up Fanta’s take on fruit punch- an oddly proportioned pineapple, half-orange and a bunch of bananas.

The smell when the can is cracked is very much like candy bananas. The soda itself (inexplicably dark green) tastes like a toned-down banana lolly, not as strong as the smell, mixed with a little bit of brown cream-soda, and reminds me a little of bubblegum flavour. The taste and smell of this soda is decidedly artificial, and a quick look at the ingredients list confirms that the only fruit in this punch is on the can.

For the first few sips I was really enjoying this soda, however after just a few more I was finding it hard to continue. Although the flavour is good, really good, it is far too strong, and drinking the whole can was a struggle. I don’t want to be beaten over the head by a flavour, or battle to finish a single can.

The soda was excessively sweet, far too thick and syrupy. Aftertaste was affected as well, leaving a lingering sweetness without any traces of the delicious banana/bubblegum of the drink itself. This sweetness lasted for minutes after I finished the can, and was a fairly unpleasant reminder of an otherwise fairly forgettable soda.

Had I been drinking this soda purely for enjoyment, I doubt that I would have finished the can. The overly-strong flavour and excessive sweetness made for a thick and punishing drinking experience, which is a shame considering that the flavour itself is pretty tasty. Don’t bother with this soda.