Trigger Warning: RAPE. I will be ranting.

Just take a quick scroll down my blog or search my blog for “Ohio rape”.

The sheer amount of stupid, cruel, vile, and idiotic filth that’s been spewed by victim blaming, holier than thou imbeciles makes me ill.

This girl was drunk. So much so, she was unconscious. She was violated while in this state. She was carried to multiple parties. Violated in transit. Violated by (at minimum) two people. Urinated on. No one helped her. Anyone that spoke up was pretty much told to shut up. Jokes were made about the state she was in. “She’s probably dead. Why else wouldn’t she move?”

This was caught on video. Pictures were taken and passed around via text and social media.

Two people were charged and found guilty of all this. Two.

When these two fine upstanding young men were sentenced? Two GIRLS sent the victim threats via social media. Death threats. They have now been charged for their crimes.

This is probably why I’m not thrilled with humanity or society lately.

Gang rapes reported in India. Children being abused.
People suffering because morality and common sense appear dead.

I ranted. Again. Not aimed at you. Just needed a rant.