Witch’s Garden Collection by Ozone!

Four magical styles to mix-and-match for a spellbinding effect! Your socks come with a sweet little pamphlet detailing simple sock concoctions to conjure the perfect effect: 

Please see our Sizing Tips on the product page for fit information. If in doubt, Email Us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions!


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ghosts-of-ganymede asked:

Hey there! I was wondering if you could give me a few style suggestions for these socks I bought a while ago, I'm kind of at a loss! I bought some lovely denim colored long cuffable scrunchable thigh highs and I love them, but I actually don't know what colors to match with them! I know they look nice with brown boots but that's about as far as I've gotten, haha. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Denim is one of those colours that actually goes great with almost anything. I, personally, love it the best with Mustard or Red. But it really is quite versatile! We would almost go so far as to label it a “neutral”. We pulled out some O Basics to illustrate what we mean: 

Denim with Lilac, Dusty Plum, and Purple 

Denim with Royal, Light Blue and Navy 

Denim with Teal, Olive, Lime, Seafoam, Kelly Green, and Hunter Green 

Denim with Sherbet, Banana, Rust, and Gold 

Denim with Red, Dark Red, Pink, Bubblegum, and Fuchsia 

Denim with Dark Brown, Natural, Grey, Charcoal, Earth, White, and Black 

So our advice? Experiment! Use the above images to figure out which colours you think look best and see what’s in your closet. We think you’ll be surprised at how much you have goes super well with the Long Cuffables!


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sooo who needs more hawkeye in their lives?

im kidding. we all want more hawkeye in our lives. he may be the only superhero more dysfunctional than I am, and I have to set 4 alarms to get up for a restaurant job. at 4 pm. at least i haven’t pissed off anyone in a tracksuit…lately.

he may be a human disaster who’s neighbors can’t remember his name, but at least he’s our human disaster, dammit. and i found the perfect socks to show your hawklove (for free!). just knit those guys up in some trademark lavender, and you have yourself the perfect arrow homage.

because, arrows.

anonymous asked:

Hi, question. BL's acc676. ...what are they?

LOL It is a really confusing picture isn’t it? “Stick these things on your ankles. It’ll confuse people when they think you’re wearing socks but you aren’t. It’ll be hilarious.”
They’re meant to be sock toppers though. You’re supposed to wear them at the top of socks that don’t have any lace or anything fancy to make them look cuter. They can also be worn as wrist cuffs but Bodyline’s actually page for those is over here.

Apparently, you liked them… #shoes and… #socks ! 👉🇬🇧🇬🇧🇮🇹🇮🇹 👈 Classic is… Timeless. Classic is versatile. Classic is always a good choice because this is at least what you are going to choose and wear more often…
Natural light/no filter as always.


FOs and WIPs: two projects finished, two projects started, and one project being plotted.

Over the weekend I managed to finish two recently started projects- it’s amazing how fast things go when you’re used to the length of time sweaters require!

Top left is a pair of Hermione’s everyday socks, that are going to be a birthday gift for a friend who turns 25 this month :)

Top right is a modicum hat, made with a Madeline tosh dk tea cake sampler from jimmy beans wool. I love this hat and predict more in my future. I’m already plotting a few in the future as gifts.

The center is a pair of “walking on dinosaur” socks, knit with Chloe and spud fingering weight yarn from eat sleep knit. I’m knitting these as part of their “new to you” knit along, where they challenge participants to complete a knitting project using a technique that they haven’t used before. I have never successfully completed fingering weight color work socks, so wish me luck!!!

Bottom left is a pair of vanilla socks using spin right round yarn, in the colorway “jaws.” These are gonna be a gift for one of my cousins.

Finally, at bottom right, is some yarn that I ordered that will hopefully become a pair of socks that resemble a campfire- wish me luck :)