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  • - ௵Turkish Phantom:your post is actually dead and its using sock puppet accounts
  • - ௵Turkish Phantom:but thats just a theory
  • - ௵Turkish Phantom:A GAME THEORY
  • - [LDT] Spy is a Spy™(work 5.5hrs):i will shot your balls off turk

“The Sock Puppet is Silenced”

Spending it’s whole life controlled by someone else’s hand
The Sock Puppet’s thoughts were all meticulously pre-planned.
It was free to talk and see, but all it saw was approved
The Hand making sure that all nasty bits were removed.

But was it enough?  Could the Puppeteer do more?
Sometimes the world out there was too hard to ignore :’-/
It would just confuse the poor Puppet to hear all those lies
So the kindly Puppeteer stitched shut the Sock’s mouth, ears, and eyes.

Now the tender Puppet need never worry about what is “out there”
It would just bother them anyways, and it’s pointless to care.
Finally free from it’s troubles, the blind mute Puppet goes to sleep
And the heroic Puppeteer kisses the forehead of it’s sweet lil’ sheep.

Posted 9/20/2012

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Prehistoric Sock Puppet

This ancient artifact is an actual prehistoric stone puppet on display at the Tokyo National Museum. Its was most likely used as a toy or perhaps as a teaching aid for passing on oral history.


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