So in my Undergrad, I took a sociology course and we did this in-class experiment in groups of four. It was this post-apocalyptic scenario where there were like 20 people left alive, and we only had enough food/supplies for 7 of them to live and we had to choose who remained alive and repopulated society. We had access to information about their gender, age, and profession. My group and I argued a lot, about things like “Should this 60 year old who knows a lot of useful information be kept alive, and we’ll kill off this 20 year old with no real skills?” In the end, we basically decided on saving the professions we thought were valuable to the rebuilding of society and culture, like a Doctor, Chemist, Musician, Architect, Farmer, Engineer, etc., and killed off the less important professions, like the Football Coach, the Politician, the Bus Driver, the Stay-at-home-mom, the Accountant, and the others. 

Then, each group presented to the class and told everyone their choices, justifying them and explaining why they chose/didn’t choose each individual. Once it was our turn, we very proudly presented our choices, feeling really confident we’d made the ‘best’ possible choice for humanity, until our professor pointed out that we had picked 6 men and 1 woman to repopulate the earth and we were like “Oh. Oops.”

My controversial actions both online and offline have partly been a sociological experiment and partly been performance art.

Manslation: I got caught acting like a total fuckface so now I’m constructing an elaborate and unforgivably thin facade to hide my feelings of embarrassment about it.

Ethnomethodology means the study of methods used by people. This approach was founded by the American sociologist Harold Garfinkel (1967). He argues that members of society assume that the social world is ordered and makes sense. However, this order and sense may not actually exist. Instead it may be constructed to make the social world appear knowable, reasonable and understandable.

Follow this link to find a breaching experiment on a grand scale 

Who said humanities majors can’t work in tech?

For e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, personalization is the name of the game. We live in an age where Internet pages are increasingly customized to individual users, all in the name of maximizing potential advertising or product revenue. EBay has been one of the companies at the forefront of this practice; back in late 2012, eBay launched a major redesign centered around Pinterest-like feeds. These feeds, which push content based on eBay search histories and browsing habits, now dominate eBay’s homepage.

Behind eBay’s customized homepage, app content, and landing pages lies the larger tale of a company transitioning from a traditional auction site to a middle person for brick-and-mortar companies in the digital world. This requires a staff of researchers–primarily data scientists and machine learning researchers, but also from the social science sphere–who can wed quantitative and qualitative research traditionally found in academia to the world of e-commerce. Elizabeth Churchill, eBay’s director of human-computer interaction and a veteran of Yahoo and Xerox PARC, has a unique mandate: Getting data scientists inside the heads of different kinds of eBay customers.

Churchill, whose academic background is in experimental psychology and knowledge-based systems, supervises a staff of three researchers and six interns. “One of things we have is different forms in data,” Churchill told Co.Labs. “Not just behavior data, but transaction data, a lot of data from interviews, surveys, and ethnographic work. We really do a lot of ‘experience mining’ to look at what the data doesn’t tell us, so we can find the questions we want answered. We drive ethnographic process by looking at data that exists in scale to sample the right people to talk to to find people to speak about what they do off eBay in their general life experiences, as well as what’s on eBay.”

By email, Churchill added that “We use data science techniques to classify activity types, use ethnographic research to dig deeper into the motivations behind these behaviors and to classify user types beyond the classic marketing categories, develop behavioral ‘traits’ that correspond to different shopping orientations and activities, and use our eBay data in the small and large to more deeply investigate onsite activities and develop predictive models.”

This means more than just the items that show up on the homepage or what auctions are most prominently featured in the mobile app.The emails users receive from eBay are shaped considerably by demographic information. “Demographic data is used most effectively for notifications and marketing campaigns, rather than algorithmic recommendations,” she added. A big part of this is using data about a user to figure out the sweet spot that will get them to visit eBay more often without annoying them.

Churchill added that, for her team, empathy being able to place themselves in the shoes of users who use eBay in different ways is the most important aspect. “I build multidisciplinary groups because understanding users’ emotional journeys means a mix of computer scientists, front end developers, game designers who look at gamification elements, and social scientists for ethnographic fieldwork.” In the world of commerce, data science needs all the data points it can garner to be useful. For researchers, this means embracing the social sciences as well.

I am not to blame.

The worst thing is when someone doesn’t understand that there are reasons for why people are the way they are. I’m not insecure and socially anxious and quiet for no reason. Things happen to people, people go through experiences and situations in their lives that cause them to be the way they are. It’s not simple for me to just talk to anyone about anything due to my experiences in the past. The experiences I have had made me this way and I can’t just snap my fingers and forget them and be over it. I’m trying my best. But when people don’t understand that I’m awkward, insecure, quiet, socially anxious and can’t talk to save my life for an ACTUAL REASON, that bothers me.

time to do my sociology deviance experiment

gonna sit in the floor watching danny phantom the whole period


science side of tumblr: is xenophobia an inherent human behaviour or is it learned?


Today in sociology

We did an experiment where all the girls had to write about how their life would change if they were born a boy and the boys had to write if they were born a girl. From the three examples the girls wrote they would be less stigmatized for who they decided to be while 2 out of the 3 examples from boys wrote about how much they would “hate” their lives.

HE: Darling, why must you work part-time as a rug salesman?
SHE: Because I wish to enter the marketplace and prove that in spite of my sex I can take a fruitful part in the life of the community and earn what our culture proposes as the sign and symbol of adult independence – namely money.
HE: But darling, by the time we deduct the cost of a baby-sitter and nursery school, a higher tax bracket, and your box lunches from your pay it actually costs us money for you to work. So you see, you aren’t making money at all. You can’t make money. Only I can make money. Stop working.
SHE: I won’t. And I hate you.
HE: But darling, why be irrational? It doesn’t matter if you can’t make money because I can make money. And after I’ve made it, I give it to you, because I love you. So you don’t have to make money. Aren’t you glad?
SHE: No. Why can’t you stay home and take care of the baby? Why can’t we deduct all those things from your pay? Why should I be glad because I can’t earn a living? Why –
HE (with dignity): This argument is becoming degraded and ridiculous. I will leave you alone until loneliness, dependence and a consciousness that I am very much displeased will again turn you into the sweet girl I married. There is no use in arguing with a woman.
—  Joanna Russ, from The Female Man (London: Gollancz, 2010), p.115

After realizing I am not in any of the social norms of groups and experiences, with sociology articles to back me up and tons of evidence, I will now refer to all of those people who do fit that mold as normals because I am not even a special snowflake I am a 6.8 earthquake. I am not super rare, but I am rare enough to shake up your world.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I noticed you go to SHU, I’m going there next year and thinking of a Sociology major, what your experience has been if you don’t mind me asking

Dude. That. Is. Rad. We need more sociology majors!

I personally think the program at SHU is awesome. It’s small, but that doesn’t mean it has a lack of resources. I’m finishing up sophomore year and have already come across two research opportunities. There are maybe six or seven full time/associate professors, and several adjuncts that usually teach the Intro course. The full time professors are honestly so amazing and actively interested in your learning. I know I have several mentors I can look up to.

I’ve taken some pretty bad-ass courses like “Ethnography of Ireland”, “Changing Families”, and “Youth and Contemporary Society.” And one of my professors just told me she’s offering a Race and Ethnicity course. I’m about to head into the research oriented upper level classes next semester and I couldn’t be more excited. The workload I’ve experienced is pretty average, nothing above the norm. For any class, I read 40 pages of a novel for a paper, and read a short article and post on a discussion board every week.

In fairness, I’m always questioned on what the hell I’m doing with a Sociology major. I’m going for a degree in Teaching as well, and I can leave this school knowing my professors have given me valuable information on social justice, both professionally and personally. A lot of Soc majors from here end up working for non-profits to combat social inequality, which is my fall-back.

If you want more information, don’t hesitate to private message me! :)

Can’t stop watching this social experiment happening on Reddit now #TheButton ¾ of a million people in and not one person can resist pressing the button before it gets to zero. Or at least, not enough people. Hasn’t gone below 27 seconds yet. #psychology #sociology #experiment #Reddit by david_dire