Lets do this! Ouran High School Host Club 30-day challenge!

Ouran Challenge Agenda:

1) Who’s your favorite host?
2) Who’s your favorite female character (other than Haruhi)?
3) Who’s your favorite male character?
4) What’s your favorite shipping?
5) What’s your favorite crack shipping? ;)
6) What’s your favorite episode of the anime?
7) Who’s your favorite antagonist?
8) Which host member do you like the least?
9) What’s your favorite scene from the manga?
10) What’s your favorite Haruhi outfit?
11) Who’s your favorite Zuka club member?
12) Favorite quote from the anime or manga?
13) Who’s the most annoying female character?
14) Who’s the most annoying male character?
15) Favorite host club amv?
16) Which Host member’s family do you like best?
17) Favorite supporting character?
18) Which character would you most like to meet in real life?
19) Which character would you least like to meet in real life?
20) Show us some Host club fan art that you like.
21) What would you have liked to see happen in the anime/manga, that didn’t happen?
22) Which host member do you think had the best back story?
23) Which supporting character do you think had the best back story?
24) Who’s stuffed animal did you like best?
25) What type of host would you most prefer, irl: Cool, Lolita, Stoic, Princely, Devilish type, or Natural?
26) Who’s brother do you prefer, Mori’s or Honey’s?
27) Best joke you’ve heard/read/seen about Host Club?
28) How did you get started reading/watching Host Club?
29) Do you prefer the Japanese or English version of the anime?
30) Last, but not least: Why do you love the host club so much?

I’ll start this tomorrow.