The problem with consumers today is that they have such high expectations for products, music, the live experience, etc. But they never place high expectations on themselves as an individual. They expect the world every time but never from themselves.
—  Had this bit of wisdom dropped on me during a call this morning. Thoughts?

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I met the good people at Burner at an East Side tech meetup. The app is a privacy layer for your phone - Burner provides disposable phone numbers at the push of a button. Burner is fast, safe and keeps your personal number totally private. Get numbers as often as you need them, and get as many as you want.

We soon began to discuss the various possibilities beyond a standard “burner” number. Burner developed a Soundcloud integration into their platform with the end goal of sourcing user content. After several rounds of app feedback and beta-test campaigns, SocialSoundSystem helped Burner develop a new community engagement platform for their service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Burner App

  2. Create a Soundcloud Burner and generate your Burner phone number for your desired area code

  3. Promote the number across your networks inviting users to call & leave voicemails

  4. Users call & leave voicemails

  5. Select voicemails to upload to your Soundcloud account direct through the app

  6. Burn the number when you’re done

The reasons why SSS loves Soundcloud can be found here. SoundCloud’s user base grew 600% in Q4 ‘12 and we saw our bands’ followers grow exponentially. We felt that brands were underutilizing the platform by simply uploading their official albums and calling it a day. With Burner you can build affinity for your brand and create innovative content for this rapidly growing network.

Think of it as an engagement platform for sourcing fan content. What’s your favorite song off the new album? How was last night’s show? What’s your best story from our last tour? The list goes on and on.

Or… You could just use it as a temporary number to directly communicate with fans via voice or sms: “Xavier here… Will be around for the next hour so text me questions at ###-###-####”

Below are some other examples from Iration when we were still working through the development process:

Watch on

YEARS (by Bartholomäus Traubeck)

A record player that plays slices of wood by reading the tree rings and runs the data through Ableton Live.

Modified record player, wood, sleeves. 2011

Thanks to: Pro-ject Audio, Karla Spiluttini, Ivo Francx, Rohol