Kshama Sawant to deliver Socialist response to State of the Union
January 28, 2014

Tweet your followers, message your friends, and call your neighbors, because Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant will be delivering tonight’s Socialist response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address!

President Obama is scheduled to start speaking around 6:00 pm (Pacific), with the official GOP response (from WA’s own Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers!) scheduled to start around 6:45 pm, followed by the Tea Party Caucus response about 20 minutes later. So Sawant will start her Socialist State of the Union around 7:15ish, give or take.

Remember to check out all of The Stranger’s SOTU coverage beginning at 6 pm tonight on Slog and on Twitter, and ending with Sawant’s live address. So much fun!

UPDATE: Turns out Sawant’s address will be streamed from the Seattle Channel’s studios—better video quality for her, fewer bragging rights for us. Ah, well. I’ll update with the new links and embed codes as soon as they are available.


From the #SawantResponse Facebook event: You will be able to watch it over at her official Seattle City Council website: http://www.seattle.gov/council/sawant/ We expect to begin between 7:30 and 8pm, more details to come!


Victor Horta, La Maison du Peuple, Brussels, (1896-1899)

 This ambitious project which housed offices, shops, café and the very well documented auditorium (located on the second floor, which proved to be a relatively unhappy solution), was commissioned by Emil van de Velde and the Belgian Social Democratic Workers Party with much of the construction costs contributed by the party members themselves.

Fifteen craftsmen worked for eighteen months on the iron work, and to make this construction possible, Horta drew no less than 8,500 square meters of plans.

The building was completed in 1899 and due to the highly experimental combination of brick, glass and steel the structure was considered a master work.

Sadly, in spite of an international protest movement of over 700 architects, the building was demolished in 1965, it’s components scattered throughout the vacant lots lying on the outskirts of the city.

Socialist Alternative candidate Kshama Sawant won a seat on the Seattle City Council! Sawant used to work in tech, but recently has been adjuncting economics courses at a local community college. 

She unseated a four-term incumbent on a platform that includes a $15/hr minimum wage and public financing of elections. And she’s an Indian American woman. Congratulations Councillor Sawant!

More, from The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Seattles only Socialist City Council member announced Monday that she will make good on a campaign pledge and accept only $40,000 a year in salary bringing her down to the average wage of a worker in the city. The remainder of the roughly $117,000 salary will go t &

"Every Councilmember faces a choice of who they represent and which world they inhabit,” said Kshama Sawant, who took office earlier this month. “My place is with working people and their struggles. I want to give a voice to workers, trade union members, women, and immigrants. As a Councilmember, I re-commit to a fundamentally different political outlook. In line with the principles of the political party I represent, Socialist Alternative, I pledged to stay accountable to working people by taking only average workers’ wage.”