Took some time to read 1-Star Reviews of the Communist Manifesto tonight and here are some of the highlights:

"Communism would be dead within a few decades without a capitolistic nation to support it."

"Why work if you can never improve your lot in life?" (unintentionally ironic?)

"Now see this book talks about the utopian society. And since the last time I checked. We were not living in a Utopian society."

"Really. if Karl Marx had any guts, he woiuld have advocated the working man’s form of economics, Capitalism."

"not awesome"

"all that marx succeeded in doing is producing an ideology for the DEMOCRATS"

"It is cheaper than a sleeping pill."

"Communism is a great way to make people get caught up in paperwork"

"You want to respect someone, respect Milton Friedman or F. Hayek. These guys don’t claim to solve all of society’s ills."

"His philosophy was that the poor should rise up and rebel against the oppressive rich. At least that’s what I understood, though I sped through this book on x2 audio, so I may have missed some things."

"For all the hype that I’ve heard over the years, this book is not an impressive read. It does reveal communist views and ideals, but not in what I thought was a well developed way. Others (communists, no doubt) may see it differently."

"This book sucks camel genitalia."

"I bought this book because I am interested in something like ‘The Wealth of Nations’. Turned out, this book is even thin than the book I read in kindergarden. Thinner than an iPhone. about 5-6 of this book together will get the thick of an iPhone, I believe."

"Class warfare seems to be the main point of the book."

"badly wrirren manifesto"

"bunch of crap. crap that not true. if we did this we would a 3rd world natinon, or worse!!!!!!!!!!!111 crap"

and last but not least:

"This book is nothing but communist propaganda !!"


March for choice yesterday. ROSA calls for a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment in Spring 2015, with a bill drawn up by Socialist Party TD’s Ruth Coppinger and Joe Higgins. Like the link below for the facebook page set up by ROSA for the campaign.

The principle of Internalized Fascism

As I was trying to convince a gay rights activist that the bill that she was trying to get passed, which forced employers to not discriminate towards LGBT people, was Fascist, I realized that this generation is primed to see Fascism as an answer to all problems.

> “I’m being discriminated against? The government should do something about this.”
> “I don’t like that other people do drugs. The government should force them not to.”
> “Gay marriage is ‘immoral’ and goes against my beliefs. The government should force gays to not get married.”
> “I don’t want to pay for contraception and I feel like my boss should be paying for it. The government should force him.”
> “I think that my boss isn’t paying me enough for me to afford all the commodities I want. The government should force him to pay more.”
> “Rich people have excess wealth, and I think that they should share it with the poor. The government should take it from them and give it to the poor.”

Don’t you see? The members of our society see the government as the solution to all their problems. More importantly, they see the use of force by government as the solution.
They have been indoctrinated, both by our society and by the social sciences taught at school, to ignore the basic human rights of others and to see as rights things which aren’t.
This is what I call Internalized Fascism — when the Fascist overlords prime the members of society to resort to Fascism in order to solve their problems.

My words to those inflicted by internalized Fascism are these: “The same whip that’s used to force others to please you will also be used to oppress you. The slavemaster does not crack his whip for your benefit, but for his own.”


People who dismiss the unemployed and dependent as ‘parasites’ fail to understand economics and parasitism. A successful parasite is one that is not recognized by its host, one that can make its host work for it without appearing as a burden. Such is the ruling class in a capitalist society.
—  Jason Read

From the ISO’s kick-off forum “Why You Should Join the Socialists & Change the World”.

"Starbucks baristas make about $9/hr. If they make 3 drinks for $5 each, they pay for their hour of their labor & supplies. At 5 drinks they pay for themselves & a coworker. At 10 the whole store for an hour. At peak hours they make 2-300 drinks & see none of the profits. Every drink after 3 is theft."