I’m so conflicted. Do these people actually like me me or am I being paranoid it’d be stupid to ask so do I stay away but if they do actually like me they won’t like me for ignoring them or do I keep talking to them and keep getting paranoid about how they actually want me to go away I know I shouldn’t care what people think but its so hard how can I even read if they like me or not to begin with

meyflower said:

In the English version of MGS2, it's toned down but apparently Raiden's much more of a prick in Japanese. I need to find those transcripts again. He's still a well-rounded character, just more of an asshole.

oh yeah, don’t get me wrong, Raiden’s not someone I’d want to hang out with lmao. He’s got hella anger issues and Rose seems to struggle to hold a human conversation with him at the best of times. That said I do think he’s an interesting character and he does have a couple of likeable traits.

(Not that displaying characters with negative traits makes them unlikeable, but yeah, Raiden does come across as just generally difficult to socialise with)

I had never heard about him being more of a jerk in the original version! I’ll have to look that up now, thank you!

yilishabai said:

Hey. So I've started a club at my university called the Metal Appreciation Club and I've got about fourteen members or something like that. The ultimate aim is to not only be able to help like minded metal heads meet and socialise without having to worry about being based for their music taste but also to raise money for different charities such as the Neo-Natal Ward at one of our local hospitals since the government took that money away. Any ideas/advice/concerns etc.? Anything is appreciated.

wtf why would they stop funding that? that’s such an asshole thing to do.
it’s a very good cause so good on ya!
I suggest you organise rallies or something to raise awareness for the charities. collect donations from people and whatnot

Update - I felt really awful and homesick on Monday but since then I’ve met people on my course and they’re all super nice and I have reading and things to do and I feel like I have a purpose again! I’ve only been out once so far (I’m wild) and I think my house mates probably think I’m boring because I don’t hang out in the kitchen as much as they do/socialise as much but who can be bothered?? They’re going out soon and they’re playing really loud music and I’m right above the kitchen. I don’t fancy saying anything because they’ll be gone soon but eh. I kinda can’t wait for them to have things to do soon. My parents are coming down on Sunday, it’s soon but I won’t see them for a while and I’m not going to pass up that opportunity in a hurry.


in quotes like i just actually said “lol” out loud. Deadpan and ironic.

comment on a friend’s photo of me and her together to the effect of “oh wow dave actually came out from his cave to socialise”. Date stamp 2011. When I was running nightclubs 4 nights a week.

how much more “out” could I really have been?

these days it would be a valid observation however shut your fucken mouth anyway.