Being out of touch with reality.

This quote comes from a documentary about one of the most controversial banker in Germany: Josef Ackermann ( He states that he can`t walk past someone who is asking him for money. The documentary then goes on explaining that this rarely happens since he is not walking but being driven by his chauffeur.

Another example is the Austrian social democrat Eugen Freund, also member of the European Parliament, who guessed the average income of the Austrian worker to be around 3.000 Euro. It is in fact at 1.616 Euro (read details on:,000_a_Month)

How out of touch with reality can one be?  I keep wondering: How far- off am I? How far-off are you?

Dear misanthropes of @socialdemokraterna_uppsala,

You should know by now, that I deeply despise your appalling and misanthropic ideology. My disgust for Marxism and its branches is not only theoretical, but also painfully empirical from how I have been treated by your evil system during the last eight years. You, my dear, are NOT my friends, but you are my bitter enemies!

Stay the Hell out of my life! #marxism #evil #misanthropy #socialism #socialdemocracy #socialdemocrats (på/i The Keatington Suite)