Voice of Tacitness: Asian Women Photography

The curatorial blueprint of “Voice of Tacitness” focuses on the cutting-edge creativity and generous humanism demonstrated in the artists’ creation. It introduces the works of 13 female photographers from 11 Asian countries where women’s freedom of expression is restricted due to gender inequality; sometimes even their personal safety is at risk. With differing visual languages and narrative styles, these photographers present an array of works addressing various social issues. Their personal experiences and social scenery are interwoven in these works.

From 19 Oct - 02 Nov 2014 at Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai.

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Are you Open For Change?

There are so many social causes that one can support, and a huge volume of social organisations trying to make a change. 

Problem is there are also many fake or scam organisations, that make it difficult for us to know which ones we can trust and will actually try to make that difference.

"Open For Change is a for-profit company that empowers people to make a united effort for sustainable change. Our role is to connect you with credible social organizations so you can confidently contribute your time and money to causes you know will have positive impact."

The team behind this project has launched a Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds to build the company and the online platform. 

To learn more about their project check out their project here

- Laura and your Backercamp Team

Okay let’s meet just one more wrestler! Tonight #godeep #lubewresting #sanfrancisconightlife never looked so wet.
#IsisQuaintrelle is a firey 5’7” female, and 140 pounds of magic. When she’s not wrestling sexy ladies to the floor, she’s dancing, or tackling #socialcauses. In the ring, she likes to win just as much as she likes the struggle, the attempts to play dirty, and just let the lube fly!


10,000 women out of poverty!
Have you ever supported an idea so crazy it might just work? A business model that exists SOLELY to empower women.

10, 000 women out of poverty

Watch the video: Kristina Keneally visits India.

My name is Charmilla Herath (‘Milla’), and I’ve created a business model, The Bombay Brow Bar, that solely exists to take 10,000 women and empower them. To educate them. To give them a life that they never dreamed of, to give them the life that YOU have.

Watch Video: Bessema’s story

YES our store in the city specialises in eyebrow threading. YES we hold high tea parties . We empower women in Australia everyday to look and feel their best – and we want to take this idea 100 steps forward. We want to set up communities in India, where the women create their own small businesses. Where the communities can sustain themselves. Where the women we empower, go on to empower others…

We are not government funded. We don’t revel in profit. And we’re not just a simple hand-out… We’re here to create a business that cannot exist without the help of this community. We have a long way to go and WE NEED YOU TO BRING IT TO LIFE.

By purchasing a Monthly Brow Membership to The Bombay Brow Bar you will fund a woman in India to start a business that will allow her to send her children to school, give them shelter and food.

We believe poverty is at the root of all the major problems affecting our society today and we want to start a cycle that ends it for good. One microfinance loan at a time.

As empowered women we are lucky to get the opportunities we have been given. It’s up to us to help our sisters who are doing it tough, who may not have had the same opportunities in life.

By simply making a purchasing decision that leaves you feeling wonderful….
you’re adding value to our social enterprise. You’re giving the women who don’t have one, a voice. And more importantly, you’re becoming part of our vision to assist 10,000 women OUT of poverty.



There are a lot of powerful and great things going on behind the scenes! We don’t hear about the positive efforts that are being done to create change in our community in the areas of health, education, the economy and so many other causes! There are great leaders who are working tirelessly for you and I! #23rdannual #leaders #community #socialcause #love #bethechange #change #influence #worldchanger #usc #educator #empower #engage #la #dtla #mlk #mlkweekend #alllivesmatter #ecsummit23 #empowermentcongress #markridleythomas

A human chain to increase awareness on inclusive education. Education for all!!! #education #inclusiveeducation #inclusion #children #school #awareness #socialcause #chennai #educationsystem #specialchildren #specialneedschildren #love #faith #belief #equality #kare #karefoundation by sathyamarie