piamiarph’s character psd (pack) #02 ➳ rae lamoureaux

i’ve been really loving jhene aiko lately so i decided to dedicate this (android/ios) social media character graphic psd pack to her. the preview images above were adjusted in size so the quality doesnt look the best,but the psds in itself are HQ once you download them. all of them are 500x500px except skype so they might not look the best on your dash, but they are HQ on your blog. psd isn’t included on any of these, but I recommend using this one, since it doesn’t wash out pocs. everything is well categorized in folders and easy to edit. i changed the whatsapp layout slightly to make it more useful for rp purposes, but if you want the original one feel free to contact me. please don’t steal these/claim as your own or redistribute them in any way, likes and reblogs are highly appreciated. also this is the info you need (click on the fonts to download them):

[facebookfont: Arial - pictures needed: 3 of the fc + 2 for the friends section

[instagram] font: Roboto - pictures needed: 7

[skype] font: Segoe UI - pictures needed: 1

[tinderfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 3

[twitterfont: Gotham Extra Narrow  - pictures needed: 5

[whatsappfont: Helvetica Neue - pictures needed: 6

[download] or click social media names to download them individually.


AMANDA SQUARED APPRECIATION WEEK → the mortal instruments social media au (2/??)

Honor the Sacrifice Even if You Can’t Honor the Sentiment

Today, I thought about doing a post about Memorial Day outfit inspiration. But I decided that like most holidays, the meaning of Memorial Day is growing farther and farther away from us.

As someone so fiercely patriotic, it’s easy to say “land of the free because of the brave.” It’s easy to post sentimental videos and info graphics to social media. It’s easy to wear red white and blue.

But what kind of comfort is a recent widow given by a cliche (but true, and appropriate) quote? What comfort is a parent that’s lost a child given by a picture of a golden retriever holding an American flag? What does a Memorial Day OOTD do for a child orphaned by war?

I think that most civilians recognize that the reality of war is something they’ll probably never fully understand. People are changed by war, and while some are able to readjust, others return mere shadows of who they once were, if at all. As much as proud Americans like myself would like to think that everyone in the military make a sacrifice of selflessness for something they may not always agree with or understand because of their boundless love for old glory and what she represents, but the truth is often more complicated. The truth isn’t always the Chris Kyle story. Sometimes it’s the story of someone who forgot what they were fighting for.

I think that this Memorial Day, it’s important to remember that what we celebrate today is more than an idea or a spirit, it’s millions of individual names and stories and loved one left behind. And as we commemorate the ultimate sacrifice, we can’t selectively remember the lives we’ve lost, or their legacies. We must honor those that protected and served honorably, no matter how much their perspectives differ from our own.

If anyone’s interested, I do have a Zazzle page, so you can purchase stickers, t-shirts, and other goodies with my pro-life doodles on them! (The stickers seem to be the best deal, tbh—for about $5, you can get a sheet of 20 1.5″ square stickers. So if you’re looking for a cheap way to announce your pro-life beliefs to the world, check it ouuuut) :)


Miradorus website and social media graphics

Brief: Using the Miradorus brand components, create engaging designs for website banners and social media graphics through which the company services and ethos can be promoted. 

I produced these designs for Miradorus, who are a dynamic training and development company specialising in modular training and coaching to help their global list of clients maximise sales potential and growth. Miradorus were about to launch their new website and needed branded graphics for home page banners, headers and social media campaigns to promote their organisation and its philosophy and continue to both build effective engagement with their audience and grow their online presence.


Sergio Magaña social graphics

These are designs that I created for Mexican Author Sergio Magaña as part of the social media campaign to accompany the release of his book, The Toltec Secret. 

Brief: Create graphics for publishing on social media that uses Aztec day sign and calendar imagery, along with imagery from The Toltec Secret book jacket to accompany the daily calendar interpretations provided by the author. is now on Instagram!

Libertarianismdotorg is now on Instagram. Follow them for liberty-packed photos….and don’t forget to follow catoinstitute too!


Social graphics for author and performer Karen Ruimy’s Facebook page. 

Brief: create social graphics to accompany quotes from Karen Ruimy to be published on her Facebook page. The designs must include the sensitive use of sacred geometry imagery and typographic design elements against memorable and evocative imagery to connect the audience with the message being imparted.