Feminism must be anti-racist, anti transphobic and transmisogynistic, anti classist, anti homophobic, anti ableist in order for it to truly benefit all women. You cannot enact oppression while trying to fight it: you are simply perpetuating it.

Before I even knew a thing about feminism, I knew there was something wrong with the idea that cooking is “women’s work

Feeding yourself is for women? Being vulnerable to malnutrition and starvation is masculine? Nah.

Later I realized cooking is chemistry; it’s literally a science…that thing women are supposed to be inept at. 

A field of science applied for feeding yourself is seen a trivial just because women do it.


Hi there, this a very unconventional post on here, so I apologize. However, you may or may not have seen/heard of the new MTV sitcom “Faking It”. I know what you’re thinking, this show is about girls faking being lesbians for popularity, giving awareness to the incorrect idea that being gay is a trend, and I’m with you! The initial concept for the show seemed offensive and problematic.

However, I challenge you to look closer! This show is ground breaking on so many levels. This show was created by a gay man who understands the reality and struggles of the LGBT community. He accurately expresses what it’s like to be trapped in the closet, outed, in love with your best friend, and many other common themes for people questioning and working towards understanding who they and what their sexual orientation is or isn’t. In addition, they consistently challenge conventional stereotypes, create well-rounded characters, and most importantly show sexuality as more than just straight or gay.

Yet, the beauty and truly defining factor in my opinion, is HOW the content is being delivered. IT’S A COMEDY! An amazing and effective way to talk about massive issues like the LGBT community, is through humor. Humor makes these topics seem approachable and create an avenue for conversation. In order to continue to gain rights and social acceptance, this is the kind of representation that is necessary. 

However, in order to get this representation, we need people to watch the show. The ratings haven’t been high enough in order to get renewed, so we need to get people on board. I encourage you to give Faking It a chance, I promise you that it is relatable, it is witty, and it is time for a show like this to be seen and talked about. 

Sorry for the essay, I just think it’s super important to get this representation out there!

Tracy Chapman: Why she kicks ass

  • She is a singer and song writer.
  • She has won the Grammy Awards four times.
  • She is a multi-platinum artist.
  • Her song “Fast Car" was ranked by Rolling Stone as number 165 on their list of "The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time"; the highest ranking song both written and performed by a woman.
  • She has a strong interest in human rights; this is reflected often by her music (see: “Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution" which is about speaking up against injustice).
  • She performed in London as part of a worldwide concert tour to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with Amnesty International (1988).
  • She performed in the Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Tribute, an event which raised money for South Africa’s Anti-Apartheid Movement and seven children’s charities (1988).
  • In 2004 she performed at and rode in the AIDSLifeCycle event.
  • She sponsored an essay contest for high school students in Cleveland and other cities, "Crossroads in Black History".
  • She was given an honorary doctorate in Fine Arts by her alma mater, Tufts University, recognizing her commitment to social activism.
  • She often performs at and attends charity events such as Make Poverty History, amfAR and AIDS/LifeCycle, to support social causes.

Somali hero’s

On 9 March 1996 Elman Ali Ahmed, a social activist, was killed  for encouraging the youth to choose the pen over the gun!

Seventeen years after his death his daughters Ilwad Elman, 23, and Iman Elman, 21, pose inside the Elman Peace Centre, a rape crisis shelter and Human Rights Center in Mogadishu. Ilwad runs the Elman Peace Centre with her mother, Fartun Adan, while Iman is a commander in the Somali military.


MUST WATCH: Kendrick Lamar debuted his new song on The Colbert Report last night and delivered a breathtaking performance. With the current epidemic of police killings, the last verse is especially relevant and powerful. WATCH it in full here: and SHARE if you are moved!

Stop bullying your children because they turned out different than you wanted them to be. Stop emotionally manipulating them to get what you want, it will leave scars in their minds and holes in their hearts. Stop encouraging them to follow your dreams, when they have dreams of their own. They cannot be anything else but themselves. Don’t live your life through theirs. Is their life less important than yours? Surely they have hopes and aspirations too. Stop trying to make it all about you. You gave up that right when you became a parent. Stop making it out as if it was their fault you decided to have them and they owe you something. You cannot keep blackmailing them to do what you want them to do. They are a privilege, and if you make them feel as anything but that, it is your problem, not theirs. You are the problem. The problem is not in them. Don’t abuse your power as a parent. You are supposed to raise them and help them however you can, not cut their wings off! Please let them be who and what they are. Encourage them, take care of them, be gentle with them, take them seriously. Don’t make them feel small and irrelevant in their own story. Don’t give yourself the leading role. Don’t take their life from them, for they might want to take control of it one last time, and then you will be the one left with a hole in your heart, with no one else to blame but yourself.