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My Sister t-shirt, jewelry, and temporary metallic tattoos

Courtesy My Sister

Message tees continue to be a popular way to make a statement. But instead of chic puns—such as “Célfie,” “C'est la Vie,” or “Kale”—a new Minneapolis brand is using the trend to make a socially conscious statement. My Sister’s mission: to bring awareness to the worldwide plight of sex and human trafficking.

Despite the dark subject matter, My Sister’s t-shirts and tank tops offer an optimistic outlook, bearing sassy phrases that encourage feminist empowerment such as “you aren’t the boss of me,” “I object—I’m not an object,” and “make her-story.” Co-founder Mandy Multerer says the goal of My Sister’s product line, which also includes lip balm, jewelry, and metallic temporary tattoos, is to “have a message that’s fun, empowering, and gets a conversation started.”

Printed on super-soft cotton in on-trend silhouettes (a boyfriend tank, a fitted cropped tee, a square-cut oversized tee) in eco-friendly ink, the shirts are manufactured in non-sweatshop, fair-trade factories. Ensuring their products are ethically made is vital to the brand, which donates six percent of every purchase to fund programs with nonprofits who are working to fight sex trafficking, such as local organization Minnesota Girls Are Not for Sale and Maiti Nepal, Nepal’s biggest anti-trafficking nonprofit. My Sister also works with Nepali craftswomen to create its jewelry line and has an internship program intended to help local women exit the sex trade by gaining business skills.

The company launches its e-commerce site today, and is has pop-up shops planned for the Northern Spark arts festival (June 13), Rock the Garden at the Walker Art Center (June 20 and 21), and MartinPatrick3 in July. Multerer says the company plans to focus on growing its business in Minnesota through 2015, and hopes to begin bringing pop-ups and additional fundraising efforts to cities including Chicago and New York by next year.

On June 4, the company hosts a launch party at Aria with an evening of storytelling and a fashion show produced by Sarah Edwards (of I Am Mpls!, I Am Kindness, and I Am Fabulous!). (While the event is free, donations are encouraged.)

I talked to Multerer to find out more about the company’s origins, goals, and plans.

Q: How did the idea for My Sister come about?

A: Human trafficking is the second largest crime in the world after drug trafficking. While drug trafficking has a ton of law enforcement behind it, there isn’t a tough policy in place to prevent human trafficking. We toyed with being a nonprofit, and there are already so many nonprofits out there that are doing a great job, we wanted to come into the world with a product people would buy. Our goal is to raise awareness [of sex trafficking] in a more trendy and inspiring way.

Q: What are some specific ways My Sister helps in the fight against sex trafficking?

A: With every sale we have, six percent of it goes to nonprofits including Minnesota Girls Are Not for Sale and Maiti, the largest anti trafficking organization in Nepal. Throughout all our events we’re doing, we’re fundraising for those nonprofits. At Rock the Garden, we’ll be applying metallic tattoos, and half of the profits from their sales will be donated. Our launch party will be a huge fundraiser. The other way we’re trying to make an impact is to offer survivors internships, because often they come with criminal backgrounds and they don’t have a lot of business experience so it can be very hard for them to get a job. We want to offer opportunities for survivors to get that job training and experience. We’re finding survivors want to help other women in the situation. Plus our jewelry is made in Nepal by survivors of human trafficking.

Q: Why did you choose to use clothing and accessories as a way to fight sex trafficking and getting your message out there?

A: It’s a good way to spread a message, with a graphic tee. It’s a talking point. I was wearing one of the shirts yesterday, and someone said they loved my shirt and it got a conversation going. That’s what we want to do—we don’t want to have a scary message, we want to have a message that’s fun and empowering that gets a conversation started.

Q: My Sister is also sweatshop-free and uses eco-friendly processes. Why was this important to My Sister?

A: What we’re trying to do it talk about trafficking as a whole. Our focus is on sex trafficking but that’s part of human trafficking. When someone buys fast fashion, it’s very likely it may be coming from a sweatshop, so we wanted to be very careful about that and not contributing to that trafficking factor. That is a huge initiative for us, to make sure the supply chains are fair trade and other human beings aren’t being exploited in that. As for the eco-friendly part, it just goes into the whole thing of making positive change for the world, so we don’t want to be paper heavy, we aren’t going to give people paper at events, and instead focus on utilizing social media. We’re trying not to contribute to the negative parts when we can.

Q: What can you tell me about My Sister’s launch event on June 4?

A: We want it to have an education component. When people first enter, they’ll see snippets of stories and quotes from survivors. We’re having four actors tell stories about how survivors got involved in a life of trafficking. It will end with a fashion show produced by Sarah Edwards that will have a somewhat avant-garde aspect to it, going from darkness to light, ending with dramatic, colorful pieces mixed with our t-shirts. Most people don’t know a lot about sex trafficking, so we’re trying to give people easy-to-understand facts and figures and telling them stories so they can grasp emotionally what sex trafficking does and give them an inspiring and easy way to make an impact and do something about it. Even if people don’t have money to donate, buying a t-shirt or even talking about it can make a difference.

My Sister launches today at My Sister’s free launch event takes place at 5:30 p.m. June 4 at Aria, 105 1st St. N., Mpls.

Here are photos from My Sister’s social media campaign featuring its t-shirt designs:

all Photos by Colleen Eversman/2nd Truth Photography

People that say: “stop body shaming” are the same ones that comment things like “she needs a cheeseburger” whenever there’s a skinny girl.

Skinny girls wont eat cheeseburger to satisfy your social statements.
Large girls wont loose weight to satisfy you social statements.
Get it? 😊

Sheriff Launches Investigation After TruthVoice and Cop Block Break Traffic Stop Story

*Originally posted at by Virgil Vaduva*

It took less than 48 hours after we broke the story regarding the use of an armored vehicle for a routine traffic stop in Gainesville, Florida,  for the office of Alachua County Sheriff to go in damage control mode attempting to assure the public that they are not in fact the “jackbooted, military-styled tyrants” they were shown to be in a video that quickly went viral across social media.

In a statement made on their Facebook page earlier today, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Department announced that an internal investigation was launched into the use of a Lanco Bearcat armored vehicle to conduct a routine traffic stop.  The traffic stop involved a young man from Gainesville Florida named Lucas Jewell, who showed deputies riding in an armored vehicle the middle finger, a gesture generally understood by a majority of Americans to be an expression of constitutionally-protected free speech.

The statement release by the PR department reads:

On Monday morning, April 13th, the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of a video circulating on social media. The video showed a driver that had been pulled over by members of our SWAT team who were driving an armored vehicle. These deputies were returning to the station from working a SWAT related detail, the University of Florida’s spring football game.

We fully recognize the serious allegations brought forth by the driver and many others who have posted their feelings on Facebook. Sheriff Darnell has personally contacted the driver and assured him that a complete investigation will occur. The Office of Professional Standards has opened an internal investigation into this incident, specifically to look at violations of any directives or laws. I can assure you that we are quite aware of the concerns of not only the driver but all Alachua County residents.

As the investigation runs its course I ask you to be patient and refrain from making random posts. There will be a thorough investigation and the facts will lead us to a proper conclusion.

The entire encounter was recorded by Lucas Jewell using a cell phone, capturing a surreal encounter during which the cops accused him of violating traffic laws by showing them a middle finger and also receiving “fellatio” from his girlfriend while driving, an accusation which was not proven or substantiated.

At one point, Mr. Jewell was even ordered to not record one of the police officers because his phone could be a firearm, or “because there are firearms that are made of devices like that.”

In an statement made to journalists, the Public Relations officer stated,

“We fully recognize the serious allegations brought forth by the driver and many others who have posted their feelings on Facebook. Sheriff (Sadie) Darnell has personally contacted the driver and assured him that a complete investigation will occur. There will be a thorough investigation and the facts will lead us to a proper conclusion.”

The officer did not clarify who is carrying out this investigation and what the scope of the investigation is, however a full copy of the incident report files by the cops who performed the traffic stop was made available and it can be read here: SWAT-incident-report

The incident report identifies Charles M. Drake, Rich Howell (badge 538), Stephen Cooke (badge 751) and Kevin Davis (badge 437) as the members of the SWAT team involved in the traffic stop of Mr. Jewell.  They were all either operating or riding in the Lenco Bearcat armored vehicle involved in the traffic stop and they all exited the armored vehicle after the stop.

As these police officers were property informed at the time of the stop, an obscene gesture directed towards them is considered protected speech and has been cemented by a number of federal court cases over the years.

This did not deter the cops from pursuing various accusations against Mr. Jewell and his girlfriend, none of which were sound or reasonable.  Fortunately, a crowd started to gather and take pictures which prompted Mr. Jewell to start chanting, “Tell me what a police state looks like? This is what a police state looks like!”  After this the cops gave him a warning for an “improper hand signal” and let him go.

Regardless how one feels about making an obscene gesture towards police officers, the bottom line is that such a gesture is a protected constitutional right and nobody should be harassed for it, especially by heavily armed thuggish individuals riding around in what appears to be a tank through downtown Gainesville, Florida.

As a journalist who has investigated hundreds of police brutality cases I am not holding my breath for an outcome where any of these officers will be disciplined for the abuse of taxpayers’ resources, for intimidating someone over exercising free speech or even attempting to manufacture false charges against him.  It will hardly come as a surprise to anyone when this department investigates itself and finds no wrongdoing.

Perhaps we will pleasantly find out that Sheriff Sadie Darnell has a backbone and is willing to rid her department of individuals who are readily willing to stomp on the constitutional rights of Americans and are even proud to put their tyranny on display.

The original video provided by Mr. Jewell is below:

Gainesville Cops Using Tank For Traffic Stops from Greene County Herald on Vimeo.

Sheriff Launches Investigation After TruthVoice and Cop Block Break Traffic Stop Story is a post from Cop Block - Badges Don’t Grant Extra Rights

from Cop Block
Introducing: Day-to-day myths

Being a nitpicker and investigator of thin promises, I want to open the room for discussion of day-to-day myths. As those I denounce notions that bear large statements, are socially widely accepted, positively connotated yet under closer examination remain uncertain and vague. You may want to call them buzz words - myths seem a more apt notion for me as it focuses on the narrative mechanism as on the short-lived nature. My interest is rather on deconstructing the story system of myths, identifying the promise, the brand and the unstable ground beneath it.

A special event

The 21st april 2015 I had the privilege of being a witness to a performance that will go down in music history.
The alternative hip hop vocalist Tahliah Debrett Barnett, better known as FKA Twigs decided to make a huge social statement on the stage in melbourne mall square.
I dragged a friend of mine all the way to melbourne to see her live and neither of us were dissapointed.
It began like any other hip hop concert; loud music and an even louder crowd. Everyone was having a great time but about 25 minutes into the performance Tahliah decided to try something new, the lights dimmed the singing stopped and an eerie athmosphere spread at the mall. Tahliah began humming the beginning of her signature song ‘Papi Pacify’ and the crowd went crazy, but Tahliah did something very unusual for a well recognized artist, she took all of her clothes off and proceeded to sing for a good minute and a half before going backstage. The crowd was split, one half was exasperated that she’d do such a thing in front of minors and the other half was excited, either because they understood the meaning behind the stripping or because Tahliah is a beautiful woman. To provide you with some context, Tahliah has always been a controversial artist both in her erotic dancing and her way of dressing, but was this crossing the line? In a recent interview she said “Pop culture sexualises women constantly but when they see a naked woman they don’t know what to do. More often than not they’re outraged. We’re killing each other for material prosperity, but it’s a big deal when i flash my tits? Get a grip. The female body is beautiful and deserves to be displayed in a non-sexual context”
After the concert her fans continued chanting her name for half an hour. My friend and I left the concert well-knowing that we had just experienced a major turn in music culture and I knew that this was, and still is, a concert i will seldom forget. Only a couple of hours after the event all social media exploded and people were split about what this whole thing was about. Was it a social statement or was it just another publicity stunt?

“I cherish the memories of the past very much, but I look forward to the future even more.” - Tao of EXO


OKAY! This is my open letter for TAO.

Dear Tao,

I know you’ve been having a hard time lately and I really want to understand all of this post you’ve been doing, but at some point I want it to stop. This type of statement just doesn’t feel right. I don’t want to worry, I’m sure most of your fans doesn’t want to either. I actually want you to have a peace of mind for you to heal quicker and get through these quicker. But if you blurt this type of statements in social media, the first thing that comes to mind for those who follow you is that your really leaving, the only thing left is an official statement from you and your company. Although I keep saying to myself that this statement might mean something else and I should not jump to conclusions, but it still comes to my mind. With this type of statements, it also triggers people to bash you which I just hate so much. It’s cyber bullying, being a celebrity is never an excuse to bash. 

I just want to suggest that to just keep everything quiet for now. No post leaving your fans with full of question in their mind. Better, you can update us on how your leg is doing or something positive for your fans to be happy and to be excited for your return. I’m sure they’ll still support you even if it’ll take some time. 

But still, it is your social media and I am just a follower who admires you and your group. Whatever I’m assuming right now from your post, I’ve said it already and I don’t want that to happen, at all. So I hope you could give us a peace of mind someday by explaining about everything your posting. But don’t be in a hurry, take your time, until your ready. 


International Rescue Committee Staff Expelled by Ukrainian Rebels for ‘Spying’

May 1, 2015

Ukraine rebels expel Western NGO members for ‘spying’

Agence France-Presse

April 30, 2015

Donetsk (Ukraine) (AFP) - Pro-Russian rebels said Thursday they had expelled seven US and European members of the International Rescue Committee (IRC) NGO for “spying” in the eastern Ukrainian territory under their control.

“The IRC organisation, which works under the auspices of the US international development agency, was for several months acting in an illegal manner,” the separatists’ self-declared ministry of security said in a statement.

The expelled staff members of the aid organisation – US and European citizens – were working without authorisation and “actively attempting to establish contacts with (separatist) representatives in order to obtain information on the situation and social problems,” the statement said.

The government in Kiev is fighting pro-Russian separatists who have taken control of parts of two key eastern regions.

The rebels said those expelled had “under cover of providing humanitarian aid to residents,” collected personal data and probed locals on their attitude towards the separatist authorities.

Seven IRC members were expelled from the separatist east into government-controlled territory and their office in the rebel-controlled city of Donetsk closed, the statement added.

The IRC made no immediate comment on the expulsions.

The rebel authorities said that eight other foreign employees of the same non-governmental group were expelled last year from eastern Ukraine, where numerous international organisations continue to operate, including the International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders.

The conflict in eastern Ukraine between pro-Russian rebels and Kiev forces has cost over 6,000 lives so far.

Movie: Chappie (2015)
Spoiler warning: Low

I had a lot of reasons that I COULD have been skeptical about this movie… It seemed like it had a lot going against it… but weirdly, I was kind of optimistic going into it. I mean it’s Neill Blomkamp, a guy who consistently produces great sci-fi action movies with incredibly ham-fisted social commentary. I knew it had a couple of well-known musicians appearing in it as well, playing characters whose names are the same as their real stage names, probably just promoting themselves… It didn’t look like it had a lot going for it out the gate, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The biggest deviation this movie has from District 9 and Elysium is that it ISN’T completely ham-fisted. And to me, that alone is an enormous step in the right direction. I found myself wondering periodically during the movie if it was trying to make a certain moral statement or social commentary, but it kind of shuffles back and forth between a lot of possible extremes, never fully realizing any of them. I’ve heard this brought up as a point of complaint, saying that it makes the movie seem unfocused or otherwise just pointless, but I’m fine with that. It touches on several different thematic ideas, but doesn’t speed toward anything like a bullet train the way Blomkamp’s other two movies did. Even the characters shift around different levels of likability. To me, there’s nothing wrong with any of this. It’s just a nice sci-fi action comedy movie about a robot developing sentience, trying to figure out right and wrong. For once, Blomkamp is not trying to hammer in some clumsy message about how health care needs to be free or whatever, and I’m kind of disappointed that so many critics have negative things to say as a result. Sure, it’s no District 9, but it’s not a bad movie.

It didn’t even occur to me until about halfway through the movie, but a lot of the special effects in this movie are really spectacular. I eventually found myself trying to figure out if Chappie was all CGI, or some kind of animatronic prop, or a puppet, or one of those weird green-screen-suit deals in any given scene, and it was really difficult to discern for a lot of the time. For that first half of the movie, I’d actually forgotten that Chappie had to be some kind of effects-heavy creation, and that there wasn’t literally a robot on the screen.

As for the real-world musicians appearing in the movie, I was really wary of that bit of news. I knew that was something with the potential to be a disaster. I thought maybe they also do the whole soundtrack for the movie, and they play aspiring musicians, and have a performance sequence at least once. But really, their presence in the movie went about as well as anyone could expect. To any outside observer who knew nothing about this little piece of trivia, they would have looked like any other random actors. They just play criminals in the movie, with nothing at all connecting them to music or the music industry. Nothing to indicate self-promotion or break the fourth wall with their prior careers.

It might not be as much of an action movie as Blomkamp’s last two, but I think it still deserves a place alongside them. I think he does comedy almost as well as action, and this movie strikes a balance between the two fairly well. While it might not be as groundbreaking or amazing as District 9, it’s got its own respectable thing going.
Rating: 8/10

“Rudi did the suit as a social statement. It was an exaggeration that had to do with setting women free. It had nothing to do with display, and the minute someone wears it to show off her body, you’ve negated the entire principle of the thing. I modeled it for a photograph, which was eventually published around the world, because I believed in the social statement. Also, because the three of us -Rudi, Bill, and I- felt that the photograph presented the statement accurately. I was offered $17,000 in 1964 to let Playboy publish that photograph of me in the suit. I turned it down as unthinkable. And I don’t want to exploit women any more now than I did in 1964. The statement hasn’t changed. The suit still is about freedom and not display.” #peggymoffitt Los Angeles Times August 2, 1985

anonymous asked:

That's almost word for word the traditional definition of sci-fi, actually. Problems or aspects of current society amplified to the extent that it's different but relatable enough to still make a social statement. It definitely is dependent on the time period it's written in, but I never related the abundance of class warfare/oppressive government in current lit to the current social climate. I guess I thought everything was just ripping off the success of the hunger games

In some way I think you’re right, that a lot of modern sci-fi rips off Hunger Games due to its success. But I think Hunger Games did get a fairly accurate “Hyper-Present” or “Traditional Sci-Fi Future” for the 21st century.

And regarding the traditional sci fi future, I think it’s important to note a few exceptions. Like how Robocop and Demolition Man both predicted futures that weren’t really hyper amplified versions of their presents, and seemed a lot more accurate to our present.

Or how Star Trek has been predicting a consistent future for decades, which is based on values of transhumanism and not just an amplified version of any of the years it was produced.

Over 175 @GUESS stores designed denim to protest sexual and domestic violence! I am proud to run a program to bring awareness to a cause that is close to my heart. I spent the day with the winners hand picked by Paul! Make a social statement with your fashion statement! #DenimDay (at GUESS Corporate Headquarters)

411 Espacio Fotográfico invita al taller:

“Estrategias de planeación y coaching  para Fotógrafos”
Imparte  Livia Ánimas

del 13 al 15 de mayo
11:00 a 14:00 horas
cupo limitado

El objetivo del taller es mostrar los mecanismos necesarios para insertar las carreras fotográficas en los medios y circuitos donde puedan volver sus proyectos viables y sustentables. Es un taller completamente práctico basado principalmente en el uso del lenguaje y la escritura, una de las herramientas primordiales para el creador actualmente.

Gestión y organización.
Planeación .
Diseño de proyectos.
Beca, exposición, web, redes sociales, Statement.
Proyectos de colaboración.

Livia Animas (México, 1982)
Gestor Cultural
Egresada de la Licenciatura en Ciencias de la Cultura por la Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana (2005). Desde el 2009 dirige y gestiona el Gimnasio de Arte y Cultura,  asesora proyectos artísticos y culturales para la mejora y viabilidad de los procesos. Ha participado como ponente, revisor de portafolios y curador en eventos como: “Foro: la educación fotográfica en México” realizado por Generador en Guadala jara, e impartido una Conferencia Magistral en IX Encuentro de Fotografía en Monterrey, CONARTE, La Noche de las Luciérnagas IFAL, 2014 Frames Glasglow, Escocia y Programa de Residentes en Centro Centro, España.
Recientemente abrió BASE asesorías y planificación para artistas visuales, donde realiza asesorías personalizadas.

Proud to observe Denim Day #denimday April 29, 2015. Peace Over Violence. Make a social statement with your fashion statement. Wear jeans with a purpose.

Open the dialogue on sexual violence prevention education.

Violence is never in style. @peaceovrviolnce

Model: Shelby Jo Henthorn of Xcel Talent Agency
Creative Director: Crystal C Harris. Photographer: Timothy W Harris. Studio: Faith Fashion & Photos. Location: Nashville | Spring Hill, TN.

#faithfashionandphotos #nashvillefashionphotographer #nashvillephotographer #crystalcharris #timothywharris #gearupfordenimday #saam #xceltalent (at Faith, Fashion & Photos)


If you’re interested in learning how to start a social networking site, check out this article at HowStuffWorks. It will give you the tools you need.


Started off my research regarding the social network side of things and to see how exactly where I can start and what I should keep in mind when it comes to creating and branding my own social network. One statement that stood out to me on these particular link was “There are hundreds of social networking sites.” - with this statement in mind, I will have to do a heavy lot of research in to the most popular social network that are actually active and the most used up to date and see how I can make mine stand out from all of them.

With encourage, the last part of the link says;

“Just because there are a lot of social networking sites on the Web doesn’t mean the well is dry. In fact, someone may come up with a brilliant idea and implementation of a social networking site tomorrow and become the next great innovator of Web 2.0. That someone might be you.”

So I look forward to seeing how this pans out and the end result.


Denim Day- April 29, 2015

Happy Denim Day! For those of you that do not know, Denim Day is an event in which people are encouraged to wear jeans (denim) in order to raise awareness of sexual assault.

To learn more about Denim Day and the reasons behind it click here:

Make a social statement with your fashion today.

Today is Denim Day!💙
Make a social statement with your fashion statement! Wear jeans with a purpose & support the prevention of sexual violence!
NO MEANS NO! Rock your denim!
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What this blog consist of nowadays:

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  • pro-black statements
  • social issues
  • more me being a degenerate
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anonymous asked:

what do you think of transgender people?

Wow, this is so random.

Once i’ve read a gay guy saying “people should stop denying themselves” and i was like, wow that’s powerful. And i totally agree with that because i think it’s more of a social thing than a biological thing. Our society is extremely sexist and that’s the problem. All of our decisions are influenced by social statements, and our social statements (in this particular case) are: “women do this, men do this and a family is created by a woman and a man”. Maybe i am wrong but i see these people become “others” to be “accepted” by those social statements. 

And the point is, why? Why can’t we just accept our biological selfs and change our social selfs?  The problem is not the gender at all, the two genders are okay. There is no need to change your body or say something “i have no gender”. The key to change, i think, it’s to show the finger to old social statements and show them the variety of life-styles both genders can create and that those are totally okay and acceptable. 

Of course i am totally okay with what’s happening with the transgender movement all of that. I have no problem, i wont attempt against the desires of others. But i personally think the key to change is somewhere else. I like both genders and i’d date any of the genders and i’d create a family with any of the genders without “denying” myself, i’d deny the old social statements. I still call myself a woman and i dont even tag myself as “bisexual” because i dont like to make a difference between me and others. It’s something “natural” for me and it should be this way for others. I just like people, and if i ever wanna make a family with a girlfriend i know i have the chance to do it without altering my biological self. 

I hope i explained this properly. I’ve been writing this answer for 30 min hahaha.