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I guess the topic died here, but that Lord of the Flies post really bugs me, and the biggest reason is that THEY TAKE IT AS ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT THEIR CLAIMS ARE CORRECT.

Someone added a recommendation for a book about beauty queens who get stranded and no one dies. Instead it’s a book about things like standards of beauty, gender, the meaning of femininity, etc.

Sounds like it would be a nice read, but then the SJWs practically shout, “See?? See?? PROOF that privileged mayo dicks are the only violent people on the planet!1!” Do they not understand how fiction works? It’s made up. If the author of Beauty Queens wanted to, she could have made it so they turn on each other just like in LotF. Fiction with social themes are allegorical arguments, not proof. It’s so eye-rollingly-stupid that they never even thought about the fact that the authors wanted to make completely different points, and thus the radically different outcomes and themes.

It’s obvious why an author would choose a bunch of beauty contestants to be the focus of a book with feminist themes. And of course no one would die; given the themes, in what way is that called for? Golding chose British schoolboys because, in his mind and probably those of his target audience, nobody would expect such horrific things to be done by children, let alone educated British boys. (The kids themselves mention their pride in being British frequently, and how they’re convinced it means they can thrive.) That’s one of the main themes of the book: How separated are we “civilized” people from the “savages”? He could have made it about girl scouts if he felt it would’ve made his point better. He may have used British schoolboys, but he meant us. All of us. We’re supposed to look in the fucking mirror.

But, y'know, I guess pointing fingers and attacking anything & everything like the kids in the book works, too.

(Also, if they want to change their point to male authors vs. female authors, then they’d fall flat again. It’s not as if female authors don’t write about people senselessly & brutally killing each other.)


Lol’ing all over the place


If the post above doesn’t singularly explain in one mere sentence how entirely fucked up tumblr is, then I don’t know what does.  You couldn’t ask for a better demonstration.

For far too many people, joining tumblr is like walking into a social clothing store, and picking out the latest fads to wear to “fit in” and feel “special”.

You don’t need other people to tell you how to think, or what to beAnd you sure as hell shouldn’t be glamorizing persecution and oppression, nor should you be lowering the value of suffering, just so you can apply it to yourselves for your own, sad little game of “Who’s the biggest victim?”

This “social justice” bullshit has already driven away over seven million users, and made tumblr a disastrous investment for Yahoo, because they can’t get any advertisers to touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Also, never forget that the person who first made “die cis scum” into a catch phrase later decided that they were no longer trans, and that it was “just a phase” they had gone through.

It’s one thing to know in your heart who you really are inside.  It’s another thing entirely to appropriate labels out of a desire for popularity, or to make up new reasons to feel “oppressed” just to get attention.  It’s also horribly offensive to those who genuinely are oppressed for their differences.

How to encourage someone to sign a petition:

educate them on why it’s important to sign this petition, putting up links to reputable sites, (tumblr or other blogging sites don’t count, also try to avoid wikipedia).

explain why petition sites need sensitive information. (Not necessary but helps as some people are nervous (for good reason) about giving personal information to sites they don’t know about.)

Don’t try to guilt trip (in particular mentioning the morality of people who either have not signed yes or anyone who won’t sign anyways.

How to discourage someone from signing a petition

tell them to search it up, that educating them is not your responsibility, or if you do educate them, do it in the most condescending, yet guilt trippy manner possible, either using tumblr blogs (sjw or not) as your only source, or not putting any links at all.

Also be sure to get facts wrong, and/or not really explain anything at all. 

Talk about how people who have not signed yet in the most negative light possible, about how they signed for something less important, ignoring that they might not have heard of it yet, don’t know enough about the issue to really know what to do, don’t have an account (yes people who don’t have an account on petition sites exist), or are nervous about stating things like their real name to a site they know little about.

Also not being 18 might be a reason (correct me if i’m wrong but i think you have to be 18 for your “signature” to count on most petitions.)

Note, quite a few of the “How to discourage someone from signing a petion” comments were *sadly* based off actual posts trying to get people to sign a petition (the ones that were where the one about education, and talking about people who have not signed, also where I got the comment that people who don’t have accounts on petition sites exist.) 

The rest were either based off sjw behavior I’ve seen, or other experiences.)

The people on this site are fucking disturbing.

It is disconcerting how easy it is to just completely make up some bullshit, and pass it around without anyone bothering to check if it’s real or not.

A little girl in Georgia was sexually assaulted on the playground, and the school did nothing about it?  False.

A gang rape scheme involving helping lost children?  False.

An attempted child abduction/sexual assault at BABScon?  False.

The photoset allegedly showing Hayao Miyazaki commenting about “lolicons”?  False.

A new Disney movie about two gay princes?  False.

Markiplier asked an underaged girl for nudes?  False.  And the same girl had pulled this shit multiple times prior, in various fandoms.  She has since deleted her tumblr.

4chan planning to “raid” tumblr over Omegle?  False.  And the sick part is, it’s not the first time the idiots on this site were tricked into starting shit with 4chan.

People here even passed around empty accusations of “transphobia” against the leading organization devoted to helping victims of rape and incest because they found out that said organization actually discourages the teaching of “rape culture” on college campuses.

This site is far too eager to spread hatred, negativity, false accusations, and fear mongering without ever stopping to verify whether what they’re passing around is the truth or not, and that is INCREDIBLY FUCKING BAD.

I’m just left to wonder how long it’ll take before they’ll decide that they don’t like a particular celebrity, and end up ruining that person’s career by spreading lies about them.

you can’t judge people in real life by tumblr social justice standards

like if someone refers to period cramps as “girl problems” yes, technically it is transphobic because not all girls have periods or even a uterus/vagina and not all people with periods are girls. but are you really trying to tell me that this person is intentionally hating on trans/non-binary people?

it’s something that is said everywhere and that person who said it hasn’t ever been told it’s not ok. it’s like going to another country and wearing a blue shirt and then being thrown in jail because apparently blue shirts are considered offensive. you had no way of knowing! nothing in the guide books told you that! it’s a law that you’d never expect a country to have so to blame you and punish you is insane.

by all means, inform them of their mistake. but please educate people politely. don’t call them a blatant transphobe. know that they had NO IDEA THEY WERE EVEN DOING SOMETHING WRONG. innocent until proven guilty.

how can you go through life when everyone in the entire world, including the people you champion as beacons of social justice perfection, do things they have no way of knowing are even inappropriate? you will literally achieve nothing in life, you won’t help your cause, you are giving your cause a bad name by smothering real productive activism with extremism.

i welcome people to pick on me for this post i really do because i have comfort knowing 99% of the world knows that they won’t achieve diddly squat for their social justice cause when they judge regular old, well-meaning, non-tumblr people by their standards of perfection. i’m damn well praying for you because i want you to fight for your and others’ rights but learn how to do it reasonably.

tired of sjw ignorance

I’m getting really tired of sjw’s honestly, let me tell you why.

I’m a white jamaican, born and raised in spanish town and I just moved to the US for university. I have a very strong jamaican accent, I can’t help it. I also used to have dreads up until a few weeks ago cause I wanted a change (you know, the whole new chaptr in your life thing)

I hang out with all the other jamaicans at my school (most of them are black) and of course we all talk about how we miss home and the sunshine and the food. Then one day we’re all talking in the dining hall, then a group of white girls come in.

As I’m talking, I can feel their eyes burning into me, even one of my friends was like you know them girls? they looking at you real ugly" I look from the corner of my eye and say no.

So I continue to talk and I guess one of them finally broke and came storming over to our table and slams her bag down as says to me “it’s honestly so fucking disgusting that you have the nerve to appropriate someone elese’s culture right in front of their face. you don’t even have the fucking decency to at least have a convincing jamaican accent that doesn’t sound forced (what does a forced jamaican accent sound like?).”

Then one of my friends spoke up for me and told her “what are you fucking talking about? appropriating culture? she’s jamaican this is her culture. do you know how stupid you sound? why don’t you think she’s jamaican? cause she’s white? did your stupid ass not know there are white jamaicans? maybe you should read a book about jamaica before assuming we all look like bob marley” and she just stood there for a moment like she couldn’t move at all.

Then she asked me “what town are you even from in jamaica” and I told her spanish town. This is where it gets better. She says “that doesn’t even sound like a town in jamaica” so she takes out her phone to look it up I guess and THE LOOK ON HER FACE WENT FROM SMUG TO “OH SHIT HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS MESS WITH MY DIGNITY”  and she just said “whatever I guess I’m sorry or something” and makes her friend leave the dining hall with her. now she doesn’t even look me in the face if we pass each other.

and honestly I see this kind of attitude all the time on tumblr like do these children honestly think white people only exist in the US and England? I mean…really? Also, the white people and black people get along just fine where I’m from, why do ya’ll hate each other so much in the US?

Friendly reminder that "Father's Day" was established by a WOMAN.

Her name was Sonora Smart Dodd.  After hearing a sermon about Mother’s Day (which was established by Anna Jarvis only two years prior in 1908), she pushed for the establishment of Father’s Day in order to honor her own father, William Jackson Smart, who was a Civil War veteran that had raised Dodd and her five siblings all on his own.

The very first Father’s Day celebration was held in Spokane, Washington on June 19th, 1910.

If you are honestly voicing complaints about the existence of Father’s Day, you are practically spitting on this woman’s memory.  Whether or not your relationship with your own father is a loving one, that does not excuse trying to eliminate a day for everyone else to appreciate their own.


Just wanted to let everyone know that this video still exists and it’s still fucking hilarious!

That is all. :)

Do you think I care that you’re white?  No.
Do you think that I care you’re black? No.
Do you think that I care you’re asian? No.
Do you think that I care you’re middle eastern? No.
Do you think that I care you’re hispanic? No.

Do you think that I care you’re gay? No.
Do you think that I care you’re straight? No.
Do you think that I care that you’re bisexual/pansexual/asexual/etc? No.
Do you think that I care you’re transgender? No.
Do you think that I care you’re non-binary? No.

Why?  Because I don’t judge people as to whether or not they’re gods or goddesses because of skin color, sexual orientation, gender identity, and otherwise because frankly, it is a thing that people can not change, and will never change, and it shouldn’t be something that anyone is judged for for anything. 

What people SHOULD be judged for?  Belittling and snarling at people because they were BORN a certain way.  Belittling and snarling at people because they weren’t born a specific color.  Driving people to suicide because they don’t fall into your demographic.

It’s funny, because the ‘social justice warriors’ of our time are calling for the death of white heterosexual, cisgendered people as if that is going to right all the wrongs in the world, and then turn around and belittle and scream at individuals that aren’t white, heterosexual, and cisgendered people that don’t act the way they expect them to when saying such things.  Because, funnily enough, you’re raging at them for SOMETHING THEY CAN NOT CHANGE.  You are acting like EVERYTHING you are preaching against, and it’s disgusting.  I’ve seen people who claim to be for 'POC’ (I fucking hate that term), and then make fun of their skin tones, how they’re not 'black’ enough or 'asian’ enough or 'middle eastern’ looking enough to be considered a 'POC’ when they disagree with the rhetoric being spouted.

Not only that, they’re romanticizing and cutifying illnesses, diseases, and disorders as if they’re something that is to be used as a trendy fashion accessory.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder isn’t being made fun of on the internet, it isn’t being disagreed with, it isn’t lip quivering at the computer because you said something that had little to no basis in society and people corrected you.  It’s smelling a certain perfume or cologne and being taken back to the night where you were dragged into an alley.  It’s hearing the cutting of meat and being reminded of what it sounded like when another human cut into your flesh in the attempt to kill you.  It’s hearing the sound of fireworks and taking cover in a Wawa because you think you’re being bombed, that you’re back in a warzone.  While yes, people experience different levels of trauma, 10/10 times it doesn’t involve what people like to claim it does on this site.  Having Bipolar disorder or Schizophrenia or Depression or Social Anxiety isn’t about being that incredibly loud or mood-switching anime character, it isn’t about having imaginary friends, it isn’t about being that sad, quiet schoolchild trope, and it isn’t about being shy and stuttering when in public.  These are legitimate, horrifying, and crippling diseases.

Being transgender isn’t some cute little character trope you can use to 'make yourself seem cooler’.  It’s not.  And the feelings that come with being transgender don’t affect just a single spectrum.  It isn’t a political movement, about abolishing gender roles and catering to kintypes and ficticious genders.  It’s the legitimate feeling of not being able to identify and feel 'at home’ as the gender you were born with.  You identify as male or female, you see yourself as male or female, and do not like the 'gender identifying’ parts of your body that make you the opposite.  You wish to change it, to match your image of yourself.  Being Non-binary isn’t about being some angelic creature or genderless amoeba, it’s about feeling like both, or neither, or one or the other and dealing with the issues that arrive with that.   Being gay or lesbian isn’t something you can just decide on a dime.  It involves attraction and pushes and pulls into certain directions that are same-sex inclined.  If someone isn’t attracted to someone, you can’t force someone to be a certain way.  That would align you in the area of homophobes and transphobes.

This site has begun to portray life so ass backwards, and coddle and pamper mindsets that make them no better than the people they claim to be fighting.  They turn causes into belittling, water-washed issues because 'anyone can be trans’ or 'anyone can be gay’ or 'if you’re not a poc your a pos’, and it’s hair pullingly arrogant and hypocritical and blatantly imbecilic.  Stop.  Just stop.  Stop shaming people for who they are, stop shaming people for who they aren’t.  It doesn’t help anything, and it makes you out to look like a fucking asshole.

Just a few little facts and statistics people should be aware of regarding "rape culture".

It seems that people are generally unaware that rape has actually decreased by over 80% since 1979, despite an increase in the willingness of victims and others to report them (and here are three more links that verify this) or that FALSE reports of rape across college campuses are at an all-time high, as reported by an equity feminist scholar that has written extensively on the subject of “rape culture” (For good measure, here are even more statistics and information directly from the U.S. Department of Justice).

The ubiquitous “1 in ¾/5 women will become a victim of rape” statement that keeps popping up is actually a complete and utter lie (and here are three more links to verify this as well).

The concept of “rape culture” is being frequently written off as the mass hysteria that it really is, including by one of the most high-profile social/cultural magazines on the planet.  People are spreading this idea that all men are violent, rapacious monsters, when the majority of men on this planet simply would not bring themselves to commit such a heinous act.

Something people fail to realize is that acts of violence are not a product of our culture - they are a product of a lack of function in the brain, particularly the pre-frontal cortex.  No form of joke of any kind is going to damage a person’s brain.  You could bombard a man with violent imagery of rape and murder, but mere image and suggestion is not going to disable the functioning of the pre-frontal cortex.  This area of the brain is responsible for controlling our impulses.  For most human beings, this keeps us from acting out against what we’ve learned to be the appropriate behavior in our society.  Time and again, science has shown us that the brains of violent criminals are not the same as those of the average person.

Today’s corrupted “feminism” also lies to women about “oppression”.  The kind of radical feminism you see practiced on tumblr has corrupted what was once a legitimate movement.  Of course, we’re well aware now that people on tumblr will frequently make up completely false stories to back up their accusations of “rape culture” (Hell, here’s another one for good measure!)  We’re also well aware now that tumblr “feminists” will do some pretty vile things to others in the name of “activism”, such as giving someone’s personal information out to a potential rapistThis has happened TWICE now.  They also deny that misandry exists, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary being witnessed on a daily basis.  They disregard the fact that men are actually more frequently the victims of violent crime than women - THREE TIMES as likely, in fact.  They ignore the fact that women also commit acts of murder (children are more likely to be murdered by their mothers rather than their fathers), domestic violence (at least 40% of all domestic violence is done against men, by women), and even rape (recent reports from both Harvard and the CDC have discovered that up to 40% of all rape is carried out by women).  To top it off, “feminists” themselves also frequently commit acts of violence and harassment in the name of their “cause”.

The most repulsive thing “feminism” has been doing lately is to hijack tragedies, and try to use them as a political step stool, regardless of the feelings of the families and friends of the deceased (including literally erasing the fact that there were twice as many male victims as female in the Elliot Rodger case, and even claiming they were “accidental” killings , when three of them were his first victims, and were stabbed to death, and despite that Rodger himself expressed a hatred of men, as well as an intent to kill “anyone in sight”).  Everything from hashtags and eating meat, to even the mere wording of responses to completely unrelated situations are constantly attacked under the guise of “feminism” as being part of the “patriarchy”.  Even the slightest of personal inconveniences are now being labeled as “acts of violence”, or “rape”

There is no amount of spin doctoring in the world that can genuinely convince me - or anyone - that someone staring at my boobs is anywhere near as horrible, traumatic, and damaging as someone being physically and emotionally (as well as painfully) violated by another.  I’m sure real victims REALLY appreciate their suffering being compared to someone being whistled at.  If anything, real rape victims are being exploited as hell.  In fact, here’s an entire 2005 documentary showing just that situation taking place Sweden.

Third wave “feminists” also crusade against the use of humor pertaining to serious topics like rape, yet don’t seem to realize that many victims use humor as a coping mechanism to deal with the traumas they have undergone in their lives.  This website is actually devoted to that conceptBy being able to laugh at these things, we strip them of the fear and power that they hold over us. 

Possibly most damningly of all, RAINN - the leading organization dedicated to helping victims of rape, has openly discouraged “rape culture” from being taught on college campuses, because it takes attention away from the people that are truly responsible for rape: the rapists.

Of course, people tried to spread lies about RAINN being trans-exclusionary (something that I have searched extensively for, yet the only links I can find all go back to tumblr, and are nothing more than hearsay text, or people twisting words into their own interpretation, without a scrap of evidence to support it).  I can only imagine that this was done out of spite, since it suddenly sprang up after RAINN’s denouncement of “rape culture”.  Of course, this isn’t the first time that “feminists” on tumblr have spread lies to try to discredit others, and further their own agendas.

Bafflingly, people continue to try to argue against facts and authority when it comes to “rape culture”.  The people at RAINN know a lot more about “rape culture” than all of the teenagers on tumblr combinedTheir careers and entire organization revolve around it.

The current “rape culture” frenzy is just another example of the public panicking over something that isn’t even real.  The only thing that the “rape culture” scare is really doing is fear mongering.  It uses outright lies and emotional manipulation to make simpering cowards of us all, when there’s simply no reason to be.  It’s akin to the many people who thought that the world was going to end in the year 2000, or those who were eagerly awaiting the “Rapture”.

Take, for example, the Salem witch trials.  All of it began due to the accusations of teenage girls.  It resulted in the deaths of 15 innocent people (nearly half of whom were men).  Of course, this isn’t even close to the number of people worldwide that were executed under suspicion of witchcraft

In 1519 in France, people became convinced that there was a plague spreading around that compelled people to dance.  It began with one woman, and snowballed into hundreds of people, many of whom died from heart attacks, strokes, or exhaustion.

In Tanganyika in 1962, there was a mass epidemic of laughter.  It began with three teenage girls, and spread across an entire school, forcing it’s closure for weeks.  It also spread to neighboring villages as well.

In 1999, there was a worldwide panic about contaminated cases of Coca-Cola.  No contaminants were ever found.

In the late 1980’s - early 1990’s, there was a massive scare about sexual abuse in daycare centers, which also branched off into related concerns of Satanic ritual sacrifice of children (hell, the 80’s in general were rife with occurrences of mass hysteria).  I’ve even seen screencaps floating around tumblr from during the period when news and talk shows constantly warned viewers about “signs” of Satanism.

While the earlier bouts of mass hysteria can be chalked up to superstition, the latter two are perfect examples of how a plausible, suggested scenario can cause worldwide panic over something that isn’t even really happening.

Does that mean contamination of food products never happens?  No.  Does that mean that sexual abuse never happens?  Clearly not.  However, what this does illustrate is the tendency for human beings to wildly exaggerate the severity of a problem.  It is no better than the emails that used to go around about HIV-infected needles being taped under gas pump handles, gang initiations involving flashing your headlights at passing motorists, or hell - look at all the idiots who seriously believed that MERMAIDS were real because of a program on the Discovery channel that was entirely theoretical, and even had a disclaimer in the closing credits.

All of this “rape culture” hysteria is just another example of the depressing downward spiral of feminism, and the public making a mountain out of a mole hill.

And now, “feminists” of tumblr:  I used to consider myself among you.  I was a proud feminist prior to coming to tumblr.  As a woman who has spent literally half of her life now having unusually large breasts for her body frame, I have had more than my fair share of looks and comments from men.  I’ve been criticized for my choice of dress simply because I happen to like the sleek look of stiletto heels.  I’ve also had to deal with assumptions of being a lesbian simply for having a pixie cut.  I’m not one of those “cishet white males” that people are so fond of blaming the ills of the world on these days, including when their cat coughs up a hairball on the sofa.  I’m well aware of what sexual harassment is.  I’m well aware of male attention. 

However, I’m also aware that there is a tremendous difference between what a person will say, and what a person will DO.  How many times have any of us threatened someone with violence, but never acted upon it?  Probably more times than anyone’s bothered to keep track of.  How many times have you even gone so far as to say “I’LL KILL YOU!” to another person, yet failed to follow through on it?  How many times have some of you “feminists” told others to “go die” when they disagreed with you?  And…how would you feel if they did it?  How would you feel if you were forced to stand before their mourning family, and explain that you told their lost loved one to “go die” because they disagreed with you on the internet?

I don’t think any of you would have the guts to look them in the eye.  And frankly, I don’t think any of you could show such aggression at all without miles of cable and multiple computer monitors between yourselves, and those you lash out at.  Amusingly enough, this same principle also applies to - GASP! - guys on the internet that talk about women as little more than a place to “park the pork”.  You know - the trolls and reprobates that leave positive comments on videos such as those made by Elliot Rodger.  Anyone with half a brain knows that none of these chucklefucks would have the cojones to act that way to anyone’s face.  And, for fuck’s sake, “feminists” are usually the first ones to demean the hell out of these “internet tough guys”, calling them “neckbeards”, and “basement dwellers”.  And yet, some of you really still think these guys are a threat in the real world?  Seriously?

I guess they only become “threatening” when you have someone else’s DEATH to appropriate and exploit as your own, personal soapbox.

After coming to tumblr, I have woefully discovered that today’s “feminism” has less to do with actually giving a damn about the overall state of gender equality, and more to do with whining about anything that personally inconveniences us, or anything that we just plain don’t happen to like.  Someone doesn’t find a joke as humorous as others?  “OPPRESSION!”

Aesop once wrote a fable in which a little boy watching over a flock of sheep repeatedly cried “Wolf!” to alert the nearby villagers to the presence of a wolf that wasn’t really there.  The villagers, tired of his tricks, failed to respond when the boy again cried “Wolf!”.  The boy was devoured by the very beast he summoned in jest.

Not everything is about rape.  Not everything is about sexism.  Trying to make EVERYTHING about those topics trivializes them in a way no joke ever could.

So, here we are.  I’ve given you a plethora of sources to back my statements, tumblr.

Now, I ask you: Where are yours?

Dear white people,

Don’t let sjws on Tumblr make you feel embarrassed or bad or silly for talking about how you’re ‘¼ of this nationality, ½ of another, etc’.  Be proud of your heritage.  Be proud of where your ancestors are from.  Be proud of the story of travel across countries that your relatives undertook through the generations to get to you in this present day.  Enjoy talking about the cultures of your ancestors.  Don’t let Tumblr take your interest in your family history from you.