my partner has recently won a scholarship to attend an LGBT* Muslim Retreat in Philly. The scholarship covers the fees of attending the retreat, except the flight. As a college student, travel fees are not something everyone has money set aside for. Everything is covered, she just needs to get on the plane. The plane ticket is $500. Currently she has $135 and only two days left to reach her goal. please, please if you can, donate below to her gofundme account below.

So there has been a huge increase of antisemitism on tumblr recently with jewish blogs being sent extremely gruesome and potentially triggering pictures as well as slurs and a few threats.   

Many people give out warnings about this but unfortunately it can take time to get shared to across tumblr and I’ve seen warnings barely get seen by anyone because they don’t have many followers and things. 

That’s why I created Antisemitism Alert, so that there’s a way to spread the word and keep people safe and so people can send in warnings and there can be up to date info at all times.

Please Follow and Share this post, even if you aren’t jewish, everyone deserves the right to feel safe on here. Please protect yourself/your followers. It’s honestly so important.   

  • Brianna Wu:*has a rational conversation with a GamerGater*
  • SJWs:Fuck you, Wu! Fake woman!
  • Brianna Wu:Uhhh... No! SJWs never attacked me! What are you talking about?
  • Joss Whedon:*doesn't write Black Widow the way SJWs like*
  • SJWs:Fuck you, Whedon! Misogynist trash!
  • Joss Whedon:Uhhh... No! SJWs never attacked me! What are you talking about?

ok lemme break it down. cuz it’s not that hard. white people are inherently racist. point blank period. if a person is working hard and striving to unlearn and review their way of thinking, that’s good and all but there’s so much to unlearn. because they have not experienced what it’s like to be a person of color, they would never understand the oppression that comes with being a poc. just like cis people are inherently transmisogynistic. does this mean cis people hate trans people or won’t stand up for them or won’t date them? no. the same for white people. i have fabulous white friends who understand their privilege but it doesn’t it there.  it just means the society puts these terrible ideals of what a person should be in our heads and as much as you might unlearn that, there’s always going to be a hint of racism, transphobia, homophobia and so on in society. it’s the little things like using the wrong pronoun, ‘accidental’ cultural appropriation, making weird faces in relation to things that make you “uncomfortable”.
all we need to do is recognize our privilege and keep unlearning.

I’m slightly annoyed at the blog post going around that shows the number of unarmed people that are killed by the police. Yes, I see that a large number of unarmed white men have been killed by the police.I don’t understand why people want to use this as example of black people complaining “like see white people get killed too ”. Smh. Just because you don’t care about your people don’t mean I shouldn’t care about mine.

like people are discussing how it doesnt matter if Miley came out at genderqueer because she’s a racist and like. Yes. Yes she is. Im not gonna argue it. Miley Cyrus is a huge fucking racist and she should be called out on it and criticized in every way but 

that still doesn’t mean this isn’t an important moment though. Because she’s still extremely famous. People are still looking at her all the time. And coming out as genderqueer means that there is now a very famous genderqueer celebrity out there. One that a lot of teens have heard of and have known for years. 

There are so many many amazing PoC trans and queer people who deserve to be as famous and as well known as Miley is. There are plenty who should be looked up to by teens as she is. But unfortunately they aren’t. Unfortunately they are pushed away and ignored and the white trans person is the one pushed up this time again and again and that has to be addressed but… 

this is still huge news. For the many kids who don’t have websites or communities that we have found that can explain what being nb is. For the teens who haven’t gotten a chance to look up trans activists and maybe only know ones like Laverne because of OITNB. There are very few famous trans celebrities out there for kids to look up to. 
To find out that a famous celebrity you have seen around for years comes out as something you might potentially be or are is incredible. 

Basically This is a very big moment and Miley Cyrus being completely awful doesn’t erase the implications of how big this can be in terms of trans representation in our media and especially nb/genderqueer representation. 

Get Involved!

For the next issue of Parallel, the theme of which is “Celebration”, we are looking for the following:

  • female-fronted or feminist bands
  • women who inspire YOU and why
  • letters from our readers to be published in the magazine
  • models - young, old, WoC, fat, thin, anyone! (UK based).
  • social justice clothing brands, i.e. clothing brands that use their proceeds to raise money for campaigns, charities, or simply to raise awareness
  • older trans women to photograph and talk to
  • independent clothing designers
  • artists and collectives
  • your photos of YOU looking BEACH READY
  • your photos of your favourite outfit this season
  • sex workers to talk to about their work and opinions
  • submissions on the theme of “Celebration”

We are also putting together a feminist festival and are looking for the following people to get involved (UK based only!):

  • speakers and debaters - either recommend yourself or your favourite speaker
  • performance artists
  • spoken word artists
  • female-fronted or feminist musicians 
  • people looking to run workshops

Please email if you are interested in any of the above. Either put “Celebration” or “Festival” as your subject title depending on whether you want to be involved with the magazine or the festival.

Peace and love! 


This video captured the shocking moment a man viciously clobbered two gay men over their heads with a chair at a New York City barbecue restaurant.

The incident was sparked when a man tried to intervene in a fight between his partner and an unidentified patron of the restaurant. In the video the attacker then walks up from behind them with a wooden chair raised high in the air before smashing it down over their heads.

Learn more about the violent incident here.

Have you ever wondered how you balance trying to be a less problematic person with giving yourself radical self love? Have you ever tried to achieve a goal but ended up beating yourself up when you didn’t achieve it fast enough?

Then this piece is for you. It’s all about finding that balance and becoming a more compassionate person, to others & to yourself

The difference between a lunatic and a liberal egalitarian sociologist is that the latter has tenure and visiting professorships at Harvard. As the frontier of social justice continually expands, like a balloon filled with stale toxic gases, it has become time to investigate the privilege enjoyed by children whose parents read to them at night, instead of smoking crack over their beds.

This story comes to us courtesy of Adam Swift, a political philosopher and liberal egalitarian sociologist with an interest in social justice and the family, and Australia’s ABC.

“Is having a loving family an unfair advantage?” asks a story on the ABC’s website.

“Should parents snuggling up for one last story before lights out be even a little concerned about the advantage they might be conferring?”

“Evidence shows that the difference between those who get bedtime stories and those who don’t — the difference in their life chances — is bigger than the difference between those who get elite private schooling and those that don’t,” British academic Adam Swift told ABC presenter Joe Gelonesi.

Gelonesi responded online: “This devilish twist of evidence surely leads to a further conclusion that perhaps — in the interests of levelling the playing field — bedtime stories should also be restricted.”

Swift said parents should be mindful of the advantage provided by bedtime reading.

“I don’t think parents reading their children bedtime stories should constantly have in their minds the way that they are unfairly disadvantaging other people’s children, but I think they should have that thought occasionally,” he said.

They should feel guilty… for being good parents. This is the logic of the left. And if you’re not illiterate, check your bedtime reading privilege. You enjoyed the advantage of parents who cared about you. You should feel guilty. Very guilty.

But I’ve come to the conclusion that the West is unfairly advantaged by having so many sociologists, critical race theorists and social justice warriors. If we all deported them to poor countries, they could finally catch up to us in the field of social justice.

As much as it might pain us to lose these demented parasites respected academics, it’s the right thing to do. No longer will we enjoy our vast advantages in sociology and theories on gendered icebergs (yes it’s a thing). The rest of the world will now be able to benefit from having a declining economy and an academic environment that consists of crazy people denouncing others for thoughtcrimes.

I probably should have forced my wife to drink to excess and do plenty of drugs while she was pregnant with my children. Had I only known! The guilt is overwhelming.

“What can *I* possibly do about it?”

Simple: anything and everything.

Stop using slurs. Change your speech pattern to be less prejudiced and more inclusive.

Educate yourself. Don’t expect others to fill you in on every facet of every social issue. A simple Google search can help formulate an opinion.

Educate others. Now that you’re knowledgeable in the Way Prejudice Operates, spread that knowledge to everyone you can! Acceptance did not start with you, so don’t let it end with you.

Learn from your mistakes. Everyone slips up once in a while, so don’t beat yourself up over accidentally getting something wrong. You need time to adapt to your new knowledge, and that’s fine! You can also apply that knowledge to other things and critically analyse other social issues.

You have the ability to make a difference. Apply yourself to making that difference, and you’re halfway there!