If at first you don't succeed

Critically observe the presented image of success
Deconstruct societal expectation of normalcy that necessitates ridged expectations
Accept not only the personal and subjective natures of desire, necessity, and reality but also the space they take in your life.
Re imagine an image of success but not only fulfills both personal necessity and personal desire and leaves little to no negative impact on the realities external to yours 


Try again.

the things we call mental illness are social constructs rather than inherent universal facts

society* has always defined mental illness

that doesn’t make society’s definitions and categorization of mental illnesses inherent and objective truths

this is not to say that experiences of things termed mental illness are not real and cannot be debilitating

it is the categorization and delineation overlaying actual experiences of mental illness that is subjective and arbitrary

* western society specifically for purposes of this post

Immersing myself within the ‘equestrian community’ on IG for curiosities’ sake has been a constant, painful reminder to how a lot of equestrians no longer place their horse, their ‘beloved best-friend’, above their own pleasure or desire. 

Unknown horses are always referred to as ‘it’. I have seen passionate horse lovers have a conversation about whether or not horse meat would be nice to try providing they were ‘harvested’ ‘humanely’. There are constant excuses for rollkur, for deplorable riding, for plain abuse, for speciesism (or they tell me they wouldn’t mind eating horse). Sure, there are some who buy the ‘most gentle’ tack or even go tack-less, yet they still hold within them this superiority over other species.

So, I have concluded most equestrians I have personally met, and those I have seen and interacted with, no longer love the horse for being a horse, they love the horse as a socially- and traditionally-constructed and conditioned thing that is acceptable to be used by humans for nothing more than greed, while adopting the excuse ‘they were designed to be ridden’ or ‘they love it so why not?’.

And they also have the audacity to think ‘equestrian’ is some glorious, self-proving title of awesomeness. Like what planet are these people from?

anonymous said:

I know you've been talking about getting hormone treatments lately as you identify as a male but was assigned female at birth. I just wanted to share something with you, something so simple yet blew my mind when I took a gender studies course in undergrad. The idea that hormones dictate gender identity is a social construct. You may feel the need to have hormonal therapy, but hormones are just another piece of the puzzle that is a social construct. Dare to break that ideology.

yeah i don’t identify as male though

i know hormones don’t dictate my identity but i have a solid idea of how i want to look and the way i see it, life’s too short to not work toward that

anonymous said:

So I was wondering since you post a lot of stuff about racism if you believe it is possible for there to be a non racist white person? Or for anyone to be truly non-racist?

Hi! That’s a really good question, one I honestly don’t think I’m qualified to answer but I’ll try anyways?

So personally I don’t believe it is possible to be a non racist white person. Racism, and race itself, is a social construct that is used by governments and society to systematically oppress people of colour and elevate white people above everyone else. This means that white people are going to have certain advantages in life just because they are white, and this is called white privilege. In my opinion, white privilege is a part of racism, and anyone who directly benefits from it (as in white people) cannot say that they are not racist. Racism is a lot more than just calling someone a derogatory slur on the streets or writing a rant about someone else’s race. It is much more subvert than that, and deeply ingrained into how society makes people think and see people of colour. It’s the fact that white people are able to walk on the streets without being labelled as a thug or a terrorist or a boat person. It’s the fact that white people are able to get away with petty crime at a much higher rate than black people are. It’s the fact that white people aren’t shot down on the streets by police officers at an alarmingly horrific rate every day. Even if you are white and aware of the various stigmas against POC and micro aggressions, you are still directly benefiting from the oppression of us, and therefore directly benefiting from racism. 

Also I don’t think that anyone is truly not racist. Maybe a newborn baby who hasn’t been exposed to the toxic views of the world around them? Like I said, racism is something that our current societies support and uphold and you cannot go your entire life without absorbing the ideals of said society through the media, your friends, even your family who would’ve been raised with the same oppressive beliefs. Sadly, even POC are taught to have internalised racism and hate themselves for not being white, and really unless they go through the discovery of being a POC and learning about the systems put in place to make us feel that way, they’ll go their entire lives hating themselves.

In short, racism is rampant in everyone’s lives. I don’t think white people can be not racist because they will always be intrinsically linked to the oppression of POC, and society breeds everyone to be racist but it is our job to fight back against those ingrained beliefs and the system that makes racism exist in the first place.

this was a clusterfuck of a reply I’m sorry! If anyone has a better answer to this question feel free to go ahead and make me look like an ass



gender is a social construct which means it is conceptual but that does not mean it is not real. however it can be made Not Real and the idea of it can be removed from existence

thecatullansparrow said:

Hi! I just read your Autostraddle article "It’s Time For People to Stop Using the Social Construct of “Biological Sex” to Defend Their Transmisogyny." I enjoyed it thoroughly and see it as a wonderful resource that I can direct people to in order for us to better ally (verb, not label) with the trans community. Major kudos! :)

Thanks! I’m glad that you enjoyed it and that you’re going to be able to use it as a resource!

quick, a guy just told me that “racism as a universal social construct doesn’t exist”, do i reply with a link to fart noises or something more sophisticated

Let me talk to you about books.

Specifically, one book. This book.

This book should be a best seller. This book should be required reading for graduating from high school. Before you get that diploma, you read this book.

This book deals with debunking “Neurosexism,” which is a very fancy term for all of that evolutionary psychology bullshit that people spill about those “brain differences” between boys and girls.

This book debunks such myths as:

  • Boys are better at math than girls
  • Women make crappy lawyers/business CEOs/etc, as their brains are not cut out for aggression.
  • Men make crappy counselors/primary school teachers/primary parents/etc, as their brains are not cut out for empathy.
  • And many other such myths.

Furthermore, this book covers topics such as: 

  • Neurosexism and gender perceptions in multiple races (as this is not a singularly white experience, just as the western world isn’t a singularly white experience)
  • Sex discrimination in the workplace, and how women are (or, more often, are not) allowed to behave
  • How science is used (badly) to support many of these claims
  • Experiences of trans* people, both through interviews and empirical studies.

AND FINALLY - It is all brilliantly researched, cited, compiled - and it’s easy to read! Cordelia Fine actually manages to be funny while writing this, which I think is important, because it makes all of this information infinitely accessible.

Delusions of Gender has reinforced what Oberlin taught me: The gender binary is stupid and arbitrary, and dangerous. And it is a self-perpetuating bias that needs to be addressed to be overcome.

Unfortunately, not paying attention to race and gender does not make gender-race inequalities go away, precisely because these inequalities are institutionalized and not just ideas in people’s heads.
—  Evelyn Nakano Glenn, Chapter 1: The Social Construction and Institutionalization of Gender and Race in Revisioning Gender

I’ve seen a lot of this on Tumblr lately, so this is for all of you (including me) who want to run around in jean shorts all summer but feel like you can’t because of some intangible socially conscribed idea of what bare legs are ‘supposed’ to look like. 

(Of course, some people have their own perfectly good reasons for wanting to cover up, and that’s just as fine).