True, we are the generation that gave you shit like Justin Beiber, one direction, and songs like anaconda famous. True we are the generation that is most self centered, vain and thoughtless; we are also those that take selfies every 5 seconds and upload them on social media. We are the (lazy) millennials, children of the (hippie) baby boomers, grandchildren of the the (racist) traditionals, however we are the generation of progress, we are the generation that has less teen pregnancies and less teen smokers, the generation that has most graduated students, the generation that got equal rights for the LGBT, the generation that got the first black president elected not once but TWICE. We are the generation offering cures to deadly illnesses the previous couldn’t heal. We are the generation that fought the hardest to prevent child abuse.  We are the generation that’s surviving the fucking wreck of an economy the baby boomers left us. Yet we are also the generation that will be drowned in more debts then any other generation has seen. We are the generation that has to study 12 years in school then 4 more years in college for them to tell us that our bachelors degree is no more valuable then our high school diploma. So yes, we are pretty much fucked but we couldn’t have got here without our predecessors help!