Pleno by Futura / byfutura.com

Located in the heart of Colonia Condesa, in Mexico City. Pleno manage to fit perfectly with the rest of the neighbourhood that is highly influenced by Art Deco, but it stands out with another influence: modernism. The branding is a reinterpretation of the mix of both artistic movements.

Pleno is a restaurant that invite us to stay for longer, to enjoy something else than just a meal, it inspire us to create stories.

It feels like my throat closes and all the oxygen that is supposed to, needs to, get to my lungs dives into the pit of my stomach and fills me with air that is filled with the words and actions of the people around me. That girl whose eyes only skimmed over me for half a second, she is thinking about how disgustingly tall I am. That man in the dark hoodie that jogged past me, he’s following me home so that he can hurt me. That woman over there laughing with her friends about someone whose name I didn’t catch, that name is my own. That lady with the beautiful clothes and the cellphone pressed to her ear, she’s wondering why I’m so ugly. That group of guys playing frisbee, they’re really just waiting for the opportunity to make fun of the way my face has been painted by the universe. A universe that is thrown upon me with a sudden overwhelming atmosphere that is taking away my ability to breathe.
—  When asked what exactly it is anxiety does to me.

timeless-prep asked:

Can you join a sorority even if you're not interested in partying?

Yes, but keep in mind there are different kinds of partying! NPC social sororities are social organizations. So by nature there will be sisterhood socials, greek parties, date functions, fraternity parties, exchanges, mixers, formals and more… Drinking is not involved in all of them. And if drinking is part of the party, you don’t have to personally partake.

Many sisters are non-drinkers. Consuming alcohol and getting wasted is not required. If you don’t want to feel left out, it would be wise to attend at least some of the social functions that your chapter participates in. It’s Ok to focus more on philanthropy or academic achievement, but if you want some “fun times” with your sisters, it’s healthy to hang out with them occasionally. That doesn’t mean getting black-out drunk. Sorority socializing can be all about laughter, acting crazy, being goofy and enjoying a relaxed night out with your sisters. It’s OK to let your hair down.

Bottom line ~ to join a social sorority, I think you need a minimum interest in kicking back with your chapter now and then. If you hate to socialize, and prefer to be alone, then greek life may be difficult for you. Being sorority social does not mean drinking or drugs every night. But it does mean a desire to interact with friends at greek events. The good news is, YOU can define your own ‘style’ of partying and still be an active sorority sister. xoxo ;)