scorpio cuddling with the signs

aries: most likely leads to sex
taurus: warm and cozy, probably have some soft music in the background
gemini: gemini constantly moving and doesnt seem comfortable
cancer: teasing and falling asleep
leo: short cuddle session as you will probably end up making a joke
virgo: virgo will keep you entertained
libra: cuddly and long
scorpio: bondage
sagittarius: hugging but hard to feel connection
capricorn: watching a movie
aquarius: will play with your hair
pisces: content

How to Be More Social on Tumblr

Like I said many times, Tumblr is a good mixture of blogging and social networking by default, but there are a few ways to become even more social.

Let People Ask Questions

I guess this feature is well-known. Activating “Let people ask questions” under Settings allows other Tumblr users to ask questions to you.

Allow Replies From People You Follow

When this feature (and similarly, “Allow replies from people who have been following you for more than two weeks”) is activated under Settings, you can let them not only like or reblog your posts, but leave a comment. FYI, this feature is available only when your posts are read on Dashboard or mobile app (not available on a full website).

End A Post With A Question Mark

When you end your post with a question mark, “Let people answer this” checkbox comes up. Tick this, and other Tumblr users can answer directly on the post.

Implement Disqus Commenting System

If you want non Tumblr users to comment on your posts, sign up with Disqus. Some themes have built-in Disqus support (found under Customize), but if not, here explains how you can manually install.

As always, feel free to ask me if you have any questions!

Sagittarius compatibility with other signs

Aries: Truly adventurous and to heart. Firey, intense, and passionate, you guys will get along just fine.

Taurus: As with other fire signs, Taurus will like your company but you will most likely get impatient and bored with them. You both understand each other, however.

Gemini: Chill and sociable, you will probably want more attention and heart on Gemini’s side though.

Cancer: You will definitely get impatient with them. Their bad habit of taking things too personality and non-short answers will bother you. You respect their mentality and spirit however it’s just not for you.

Leo: You will gladly admire Leo’s leadership ability and abilities in general. They don’t complain constantly about their problems (more so other people’s problems) but if you need any emotional support Leo will definitely be there for you and Leo will listen to your advice when he’s feeling down or making a decision.

Virgo: You’re pretty alright to them. Not much going on love wise.. if anything, you both will be confused by each other. You will make good and easy going friends.

Libra: Libras, the type of lovable yet annoying but you could never hate ‘em. They will very gladly do whatever it is you want but in the emotional aspects of your lives you might disagree with each other.

Scorpio: Lots of jokes. In your joke filled relationship however one may take it too far and corrupt your respect for each other and maybe even yourself.

Sagittarius: Overall, pretty good and steady. Open-minded and free type of relationship which both sides will enjoy. However you might be too alike or your mindset may differ which could cause conflict.

Capricorn: You will connect emotionally but goal wise you two just aren’t for each other as you will go your separate ways in the end.

Aquarius: You will learn a lot from each other! You will bring out the best of Aquarius’ emotions and he will teach you many things and conversation will always be interesting.

Pisces: You both are spiritual signs. You speak with spirit and heart while Pisces just speaks with plain spirit and logic. You don’t like the balance of this.

stuck--in-her-daydreamm asked:

hi! my sorority has a social coming up and the theme is "where you would be without a degree" can you provide ideas?

I predict that many of the costumes will be “down and out” themed to portray what will happen if you don’t get a college degree. Sleeping on a park bench comes to mind. Or, you could be a beach bum living on an island. A fast food restaurant uniform would also be fun. 

Think about jobs and lifestyles that don’t require a university degree, such as hair stylist, waitress, surfer, construction worker, prisoner/most wanted, fisherman, survivalist, rock star, starving artist, mom, cook, professional athlete, mechanic, truck driver, secretary, janitor, bartender, cowgirl, etc… Brainstorm ‘dream’ jobs like movie actress or pop star and ‘blue collar jobs’ like school bus driver or cafeteria worker. There are lots of fun costume ideas in both categories. There are many places you could be without a degree! xoxo ;)

"D’OH" Homer Simpson version of "Obama hope" poster by Diego Riselli

Barack Obama promised to banish lobbyists fromthe White House and shut the “revolving door”. As a result there are 65 former lobbyists currently working in the Obama Administration. “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people,” Clint Eastwood said about incumbent President.

Promised changes - Changed his promises! 

is anyone going to talk about the “christian army” from the Universal church here in Brazil who is threatening gays, lesbians, trans, and basically everyone in the lgbtq community, african decedent religions, atheists, feminists and according to them “everyone who opposes to their christian fundamentalist empire” ????????????