GDI Arabella-mun...
  • You attempt to kick a soccor ball, but you copalse to the ground. You're legs are not beneath you, where they should be there is nothing but the shadowy abyss. You attempt to cry out, but your souls is ripped from your body. It's collected to be used to fuel the collective leg forest. Legs sprout from the ground, smaller one jut out just barely visible. Your soul will now live in the forest until you life force is finally blinked out of existance. You disapprove. As your life is snuffed out before your eyes all you can see is legs. They are everywhere. You stare at the legs and you are pleading with them now. They do not reply. You awake on the field, it is raining. You cannot feel the ground. You have slipped on the wet grass. You smell nothing but feet around you. You look up and see legs surrounding you. You attempt to scream but they stomp you out. You stare at the soles of their shoes and plead with them. They do not hear you, they are laughting now. You stare at the legs above you.

ask-teenage-scootaloo said:

"Then move out of the way" While he talked Scootaloo got frighten more of what he was gonna do to her

Hershey slowly backed off, but only to kick scootaloos soccor ball at him, and then tackled him while he was stunned, she wasnt going to let anyone hurt her