How my teachers approached the subject World Cup 2014
  • My IT teacher:If you think about it, the World Championship is a very effective way to both distract and please the people. Especially here in Europe the public interest is so great that the people barely see what's going on in the world. Bread and games, it's been the same for the last two thousand years and will never change.
  • My Physics teacher:Before we start I gotta ask the girls a question: do /you/ think that Ronaldo is handsome? Because I actually don't..I mean.. he's so arrogant.. and seriously? Men shaving their legs? ...
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Just few hours up to the final in Rio. I’m eagerly and thrilled like a silly school kid. :-)

Anyway, this song is the official hymn of the German public broadcast system for the soccer world championship. And - believe it or not - I’ve really tried in the last weeks to resist, but this is such a bloody catchy song, and also somehow good lyrics, (and I’m addicted to lyrics which tell something about our different and mysterious pathways through time and space), so, and now, at last, on the last the day of this tournament I share this video and song as sort of musical support for our team in brazil, who have amazed, enchanted and excited a whole nation in the last weeks.

By the way, Andreas Bourani is an interesting german guy and artist, born in Augsburg, Bavaria, with egyptian roots, who was teached since childhood in singing and music. A blasted talent. A proud of our German nation and a proof that it is damn unimportant what kind of ethnic roots you have, if you just have talent and joy in what you’re doing.

The clip was directed by Kim Frank who was the idolized lead singer of a former german “boyband” named “ECHT”. Now he is a respectable director of music videos and has disentangled himself from the prison of false fame and glamour produced by fanatic “fans”.

Whatever, now I’m heading to my friends for our “private” public screening and I’ll touching wood for the German national soccer team, GO PALS GO! :-)

To us!

To you!