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But a few weeks before the wedding, just when the date is settled, Catherine is having a very interesting day in Afghanistan, where she’s being “bombarded” by calls :D First, it’s Kono, not only to invite her, but to talk about the dress details and asking Cath’s opinion on serving tongue-colouring shave ice on the wedding reception :)) Then it’s Chin, who’s all emotional, because his little cousin is getting married. They talk a lot about his thoughts on Adam and also share a tear over Malia’s memory… Just when Catherine thinks she can have a break, she gets another call. From Danny. Who not only is all over the place, because “Gracie started talking about her dream wedding! Catherine, she can’t be! She’s a tiny baby, she won’t get married till she’s like… ever!” and Cath’s smile is so huge as she listens to him, touched that once again Danny opens up to her with his worries for his little girl. It takes a few long minutes to calm him down, when he mentions that Grace was seriously thinking about asking Kono if she could come with a boy… But there’s one person that doesn’t call Catherine that day. It’s Steve. It’s not like he didn’t try. Steve spends the whole evening with a phone in his hand, staring at it, his fingers shaking as they hover over the screen. He wants to call her so badly, to hear her voice and the softness of her gasp when she hears about Kono’s wedding - Cath’s always loved weddings. That thought is like a punch to his guts. It makes him think of how much she deserved her own beautiful ceremony, how foolish of him it was to wait for so long and now he probably never will see her walking toward him down the aisle… He decides not to call her, as he knows that just upon hearing her voice saying his name, he’s going to break down, his mind invaded by splashes of scenes where she says his name in her vows… 

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i reAD HOW YOU GOT INTO BIG BANG AND I'M SCREAMING CAUSE I WAS THE EXACT SAMe way. i heard gara gara go and i thought they were the most overrated band ever? could not see why big bang was so popular or why i should care. and i was so into super junior at the time omg i watched so many things with suju and wow-- i really loved sm at the time. later on i heard bad boy and top's verse is what truly got me into them. i was like "damn they aint too bad after all" been big bang trash ever since 8')

omggggg :OOO i was literally avoiding bigbang for 3 months but everyone kept talking about them and be like ‘they are the best’ and i was just sitting there thinking ‘yeah lmao dream on’ and continued watching super junior and shinee mvs hahahahha 

it was karma…. karma got me…….. i saw them on tv in 2011 when they won the worldwide act and thought ‘omg try hards’……………… now my whole life is dedicated to them…..

but i love it