“I was born in 1989!”

-Taylor to the crowd tonight

I love it when someone’s talking about something they love and their eyes are shining and they have a genuine smile on their face and you’re like woah I’m only half listening bc look at you you love this thing so much I love you so much

anonymous asked:

if we want to just donate to you without commissioning, how can we do that? :)

Oh my goodness I didn’t even think about a donation option goodness, I’m honored that you’d want to donate I feel bad receiving money without giving anything in return though. I’ve added a donation button right on my sidebar on my blog and if you let me know who you are/who your favorite villager is (if you’d like to remain anonymous) I can do a little chibi or something as thanks. Thank-you so much I really, really appreciate it.


Did you hear THAT???? Jinki’s “My Jong” with aegyo voice ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ