sleek-siren said:

I love you.. Like a lot

And I love you. It’s an interesting kind of love though. We’ve come a long way, on our own and together. It’s funny how random ask on this site three years ago turned into three years up and downs for two people that one point lost everything they had, but yet seemed to find their way back to each other. It’s an interesting kind of love cause two years ago when things ended, I accept that they were over and against all logic, I hoped for another chance, and here it is. It’s an interesting kind of love cause I no longer care about what anyone has to say about us, let them pout, let them question me, let them try to remind me that you’re younger than I am, I doesn’t matter. It’s an interesting kind of love cause they’re things you do that I don’t like but here i am, finally beginning to overcoming that because I’m letting my feelings for you drive that growth and resisting getting caught up on something that shouldn’t hurt us. It’s honestly the kind of love that I can write about forever. I could write about the feeling I get when you smile, how fast you fall asleep when I run my fingers through your hair, the way I literally couldn’t take my eyes off of you when I first saw you, the way you make me feel fully appreciate appreciated and loved, just, they’re so many things to love and appreciate about you. If i keep going on about you I’ll never stop so I’ll end this with I love you too.

To prevent the true meaning of his struggle against anarchism from being distorted, Marx expressly emphasized the “revolutionary and transient form” of the state which the proletariat needs. The proletariat needs the state only temporarily. We do not after all differ with the anarchists on the question of the abolition of the state as the aim. We maintain that, to achieve the aim, we must temporarily make use of the instruments, resources, and methods of state power against the exploiters, just as the temporary dictatorship of the oppressed class is necessary for the abolition of classes. Marx chooses the sharpest and clearest way of stating his case against the anarchists: After overthrowing the yoke of the capitalists, should the workers “lay down their arms”, or use them against the capitalists in order to crush their resistance? But what is the systematic use of arms by any class against another if not a “transient form” of state?
—  Lenin, The State and Revolution