“Our dead weren’t braver than we were,” Hannah told her once, after conning her to help with dishes in the back of the Leaky Cauldron. “We weren’t better than they were, for surviving. Living through something like this—it’s luck as much as anything. The thing we got to choose was to fight in the first place. And we chose, Susie, you and me, Fred and Lavender and Colin, all of us. I’m so proud of them.”

“So am I,” Susie said, shakily, hiding her hands under the soapsuds.

“I am proud of them,” said Hannah, “and I am proud of me, and I am proud of you.”


wallflower: in defense of susan bones

ink-splotch, you have slayed me with your writing. Thanks for writing. 

I don’t just blog for God...

I blog for my best friend’s company, Herban Seduction. 

This will soon be up on Herban Seduction’s own blog site as well but I was so excited I wanted to share it here, too.  This is my blog in it’s entirety:

Well I can’t believe it has been since MARCH 5th that I published a blog. Why, all my faithful readers must think I have washed down the drain like so many soapsuds.

Au contraire, mon freres, never fear, I am back, quite alive and well! I have just had a little life happen to me lately.

Translation, I couldn’t figure out what to write about!

Today, while soaping up with some of Tanya’s amazing products in the first shower I’ve taken in two days…‪#‎dirty‬…I know, ha ha, there is a “clean” joke for you.

Anyway I got to thinking about all this Presidential Elect business and the lively debate on Tanya’s personal Facebook page concerning her opinions on the Presidential Elect, and Miz DeSpot revealed to THIS very interested blogger HER own personal system to gain the key information she needs to make an informed vote for something so important such as the CEO of the United States, LLC.  

I mean, the President of the United States, of course. 

In a lively discussion, of course, being ever the “realist” and never one to NOT tip my hand, I shared the following comment:

“To tell you the truth, it’s SO HARD to try to find out any REAL information from ANYWHERE because as soon as you try to ask people about stuff, or start a dialogue, the answer *I* usually get is “well, WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR INFORMATION?????”

Uh, I don’t know, the news? I get tired of people (not you, Tanya, or anyone here but, just like, people in general, I guess I should say, MOST people) just want to BASH you from where you even get your NEWS from! FOX news is “misled”, of course CNN is “misled” and 7 out of 10 people think the government is a conspiracy and I always joked that the President was just a figurehead but who REALLY ran the country were six men in black suits in under a mountain in Morocco, okay?

Which is why I wanted to get a look at the spreadsheet; to have a cliff’s notes TRUE version of the folks entering the candidacy.

If we’re supposed to believe half of what we hear and NONE of what we see AND the news is biased, how do we find the information we need to make an informed decision?“

Knowing my best friend of over twenty five years, she came back with a very informed and educational answer:

"Very true Meredith…it is difficult to find true reporting. A lot of news reports just take things someone says & misconstrues them for their own agenda. I’m lucky I live with a man that I am able to debate issues with on a daily basis along with both my kids. We have daily active political discussions and we don’t always agree & that’s what makes them so awesome. What I do is look at people’s record on the issues & their integrity. I watch each candidates speeches & pay particular attention to the debates. I record them to be able to play back. I keep my spread sheets & check things off during that process. If something doesn’t jive or they are found to be crooked then I get rid of that person off of the contenders & concentrate on the others. And yes I already have a front runner but that could change as the debates get going, but I doubt it. I take voting as seriously as I take any other job I have.”
-Tanya Despot, Owner & CEO of Herban Seduction.

I agree, Tanya.

Considering what Tanya’s sixteen year old daughter Caitlinn rang in shortly thereafter,

“It’s sad that I’m 16 and know more issues than most adults. I also have common sense and know what I want when I see it. A liar, crook for president? It’s funny how low our standards are for a country that is a leader of the world. This is definitely not what our founding fathers wanted for our country.”

I think it’s pretty sad, too, kiddo.

So in the spirit of GETTING informed and BEING informed, Herban Seduction would like to kick off the VERY FIRST EVER Clean Up The President Sweepstakes.

Stay Tuned to THIS blog and the Herban Seduction Facebook page for details on how to enter, but meanwhile onto the good stuff!

ONE lucky winner drawn at random will receive a FABULOUS (and I do mean fabulous because Herban Seduction’s products are second to none) $500* spa product prize package.

With that, let’s kick off what you can win!

The Presidential Suite Winner Take All “Who Dat, Who Dat” Election Day spa product prize package is filled with so many goodies you’ll need the Secret Service to help you use it all!
Chock full of the Herban Seduction Team Favorites such as‪#‎byebyecellulute‬, Under The Sea seasalt soap, Morning Wood Shave Soap For The Discerning Gentleman, Dirty Dog Wash-That-Dog-Smell-Right-Out-Of-Your-Hair pet soap, and even a few goodies not available anywhere else but in this very prize package!

One lucky Second Place Still Rocks The White House, Here’s To You, Vice Prez spa product prize package winner will receive a basket of goodies WORTH $250 good ol’ American dollars.

One fortunate third place winner will receive the Thank God This Campaign Is Over, I’ve Had Enough spa product prize package. Don’t worry, with the $125 worth of AWESOME STUFF you will get in THIS prize package, that hard day on the campaign trail will seem like a distant memory!

Now here’s the plot twist:

After where to enter is revealed, here’s the catch:

Herban Seduction feels that as an American Owned company it is our just and due to educate the American people on the value of the ability to vote and to get more people interested in the idea that the president elect should NOT just be about the “popular vote” but for the BEST CANDIDATE for the position.

So with THAT said, the OPTIONAL part of your entry will include who YOU voted for.

If YOUR vote is elected, and YOU WIN, YOU will receive a $75 Mystery Prize Package in ADDITION to the one of the prizes listed above.

Pretty exciting stuff going on here!!

Only US Citizens ages 18 and older can enter and will be eligible for any prize packages of monetary value, Herban Seduction employees and household members ineligible for sweepstakes entry, so like I said, stay tuned on how and where to enter and YOU could win!!!!!!!

Look, when a sixteen year old kid knows more about politics than I do, it’s time to kick off a campaign trail of my own, even though I am ineligible for my own darn sweepstakes!

Oh well, that’s the breaks!

Stay clean out there!

Meredith Silverman 

*retail value