Remembering the sound of your voice still stops my heart in its tracks and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to shake you out of my bones. The way I felt when you entered the room still lingers with me like the smell of your cologne you left with me when you hugged me goodbye for the last time. Smelling like you for the rest of the day was the sweetest torture that haunted me – if only showering could wash away my memories – if only our moments together could swirl down the drain with the soapsuds around my feet. My mind is so cruel in the way that I will forget why I entered the next room, but I can’t get thoughts of your hand in mine, your arm around my waist, or the rise and fall of your chest as I rested against you, out of my mind. Maybe I simply want what I cannot have—or maybe I fell in love. I’m not sure exactly, but I’m just sorry I didn’t know how much I’d miss you, until missing you became the only option I have.
—  I still think of you & it hurts like yesterday

sgashesru asked:

One second honey, would you make me a tiny something. I put up mine game on my page, I designed it for a month.. Would you give a shot to glance? just a second. I just need to see if it is all working. Can you tell me, ok? Thank you stranger :)* Saline.

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