Happy Friday! So I blogged about this store before, but my order from Harlem Soap came in a week or two ago. I’ve been so busy I haven’t gotten a chance to blog about them yet BUT I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these soaps. They arrived a week or two after I ordered them, I live in NYC so it makes sense. I adore the packaging and the design. The soaps themselves are heavenly. For those visually impaired, I bought the Lavender & Oatmeal along with the Leaf & Clove (I can’t find it on the site, may be out of stock or just seasonal). 

As soon as I opened the box the scent hit me. The leaf & clover has a strong scent, but it smells really fresh. I have been using the Leaf and Clover for a couple of days now and it wakes me up in the morning along with making my skin feel soft and buttery.

All the soaps on the site are $6, which is a freaking steal! So if you love to be clean and smell good head on down to Harlem Soap.

- Ollie 


just made my first round of melt and pour gemstone soaps!! they are adorable and smell fabulous and i am BEYOND happy with how they turned out! making these soaps was so easy! once they’re unmolded and all ready, i’ll take better pics. but wow so glittery! the green one is one i made for my husband, its scented with Nag Champa and smells so delicate and soft and smoky like actual incense! he said he wanted a green legend of Zelda rupee so that’s what he got! the blue and purple ones are both scented with a scent called Sugar Plum Fairy and it smells just like a jelly bean or some other kind of candy, you seriously almost wanna eat it! all vegan and all organic, the soap makes awesomely soft and scented bubbles, I’m just in love gahhhh


Voidkin bath supplies requested by skeletonxvoid

Black charcoal cube soap -$5.00

Black Hawaiian bubbling bath bomb -$3.50

Black coffee body wash -$15.50

Charcoal soap -$6.50

Black quartz crystal soap -$5.50

Black sea salt body scrub -$20.00+

Bath bomb -$5.50

Black cherry bubbly bath salts -$8.00

African black soap -$0.50+

For my skin care routine I use this bamboo charcoal vegan soap from @suitesailing it’s great for clearing your skin from impurities and leaving it so fresh and clean :) it’s a huge bar! I had to cut mine in half and save it for later. It only costs about $6.85 and like I said its a fairly big bar. That’s a soft facial scrubber that I use in circle motions around my face to massage it in which I got from @forever21 for $4.50. Everyone go a check out @suitesailing her stuff is so good and a heck lot cheaper than lush! #vegan #halal #soaps 🌾