Miss Universe has a race problem — and it’s time we talk about it

In the 63-year history of the pageant, the overwhelming majority of the winners have been white or white-passing women. And only one truly dark-skinned woman has won within the past decade.

Crowd-favorite Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, was fourth runner-up, and her snub elicited a chorus of boos. She was also the only contestant in the top 15 hailing from a nation predominately filled with black or African people.

Coincidence or pattern?

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Constantly announcing hell
The joy not to be
To die of not dying
How to be appalled
When you’re death’s best friend

Condemned to choke
Every word I pray

"Who was pretending us?"

Condemned to choke
Every word I pray

You came
And read the current and the gas
You closed the doors in our house politely
Like someone who isn’t well versed in life